y is it so quiet in hur?

Rudy: Gay marriage will spark backlash

By KENNETH P. VOGEL | 4/20/09 12:27 PM EDT Updated: 4/20/09 1:42 PM EDT

Rudy Giuliani, the thrice-married former New York City mayor, has come out strongly against Democratic Gov. David Paterson's proposed gay marriage bill.

Giuliani's opposition, articulated in an interview with The New York Post published Monday, was widely interpreted as an attempt by the moderate Republican to position himself for a possible run for the party's 2010 New York gubernatorial nomination.

Same-sex marriage is shaping up as a hot-button 2010 issue both in New York and nationally, and Giuliani's comments generated a quick backlash from gay rights groups, which had considered Giuliani an ally during his days in Gracie Mansion.
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New icons! Prop 8

Hay guise! I bring you shiny new community icons in support of proposition 8. Go ahead and use them for your own personal journals. Sharing is caring (unless you're ghey).

Edit: I made 2 more! Woot Woot!

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George Rostov's blog has once again pitched its tent upon Hampsted Heath and is now open for business - at a special discounted rate for octagenarian transexuals. 

Consider his blog an experiment....to see how far one man can confront the blackness sheltering in his mind....to watch one fragile, deluded man drive himself to the edge of the abyss...to listen to one drug-addled ex-rentboy scream in anger at everything and everyone....to be disgusted at one cross-dressing alcoholic's self-destructive journey into a twilight world of gay saunas, cruising grounds, toilets, sex cinemas, and an addict's hell of cold turkey.

Consider his blog an aberration....of everything that is decent turning to depravity, of virtue raped and debased, of sanity, love and compassion sacrificed in Rostov's mission to replace God with rage, violence and his own philosophy of murder and vice. 

Rimbaud -

De Sade -

Burroughs -

They only went so far....Rostov is going all the way.

This is the pathology of hate.

Thank you!

In the past 24 hours or so, we got nearly 400 comments in one post alone. The number of hits to this community is bringing billions to my wallet. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Of course, none of it would have been possible without my buddies: the illogical "i-correct-my-teacher's-grammerrrr-but-can't-really-read" itsasecret31708, actual gay boy dreamcoat12, the mindless Jeebus-lover theatreizlove ("I don't believe in butter, so I won't get fat!") and Lukey boy a.k.a. singerman1024 who "threatened" to use his "sword" against me--yeah, and he said he's not gay...

You all should celebrate over at your "anti-zester" group that Dreamy made. Let me know if you ever get as much traffic as I get over here (I'm not wasting my time with your whack community).

You guys are great. I'm truly gaining so much from you all. Please bring even more of your friends, from theater, or therapy, or the streets, or wherever else you hang out. It's...just..wonderful!

You all just suck

you are all asses.
ok i have lived around gay 
people all my life, and u knwo what?
they act liek regular people because
they are regular people. my best friend is gay.
no im not gay, but that doesnt influence
anything. i cant change ur ways, but 
if two peopel love each other, why 
deny a human right? love is a 
bond that is between two people,
and if they happen to be the same sex,
who cares? they are in love.
there should be nothing wrong with gay marrage.
but you people are too stubborn to live
and let live. gay people go through alot of 
shit because of peopel liek you, and
alot of peopel are sick of it. dont you all 
remember one time in ur life where
you were made fun of because of the way u looked, or the way your hair was?
if u dont then u shouldnt be against gay people, because then ur
just being a bully to gay people. if u do remember a tiem liek that, then u shoudlnt be agaisnt gay people anyway
because they feel worse than u felt when u did.

im just ashamed  

by the way................go suck dick......oh wait you cant because YOUR HOMOPHOBIC!!!!!!!!

you all pretty much suck

i know this isnt an argument. and i know there is nothing i can do to change your minds about gay people.

but all of you anti gays can go fuck yourselves, and leave it at that.

i cant prove anything anymore. and dont you turn that around and say because i dont have a valid argument. believe me, i have many. but theres nothing i can say that will make you listen. and im tired of trying to get you to. people have tried for a long time to get you to understand, you just dont. so whatever. its not like youre actually taking people and forcing them to live YOUR way.

im not a lesbian, nor am i bisexual. but one of my best friends is gay, and i grew up with a whole bunch of gay people around me. i could barely tell the difference. theyre just PEOPLE.

i dont get what youre planning on doing. youre not accomplishing anything on here. if you have a problem with them, go try and do something about it instead of sitting at your computers and typing random things about AIDS that arent even true.

and you can all stop being so anal about spelling and grammar.

just all go jump off a cliff.