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Tears of grief and sobs of anger...
The results they achieved were always so.
Reality cannot be known.
Only they knew that... And so
they assumed the burden of false
sin and lived in the darkness where there is
no light, believing in the "Weiß"
that lives somewhere in this unkind town.
"Weiß" - endlessly clear white.

Welcome to _ansatsusha_, a Weiß Kreuz community dedicated to intelligent discussion and well-written fanfiction. Here, you will find fic recs, fic postings, and discussion on canon and theory. Everyone is free to join, and everyone is free to post (as long as they follow the posting rules). However, this IS a strictly monitored community. If I feel that you aren't contributing anything to the discussion but a lot of fangirl squeeling, you will be asked to leave. Fanfiction will be screened before posted so that quality will be assured. Please read the rules below before joining.

1.) This community is for Weiß fic and canon discussions. This is not a place to ask where something is available for purchase, a fan club for the voice actors or their music, or for anything NOT Weiß related. If it gets brought up in the comments, that's fine. But it's not the FOCUS of this community, so no posts that AREN'T about fics or the storyline, please.

2.) The posts in this community WILL be heavily monitored. I'm sorry if this feels "mean" or "unfair" to you, but this community is about adult conversation, not squeeling. If it sounds like a good time to you, sign up. If not, I'm sure there are lots of Weiß communities out there for you.

3.) Fanfiction must be posted behind a LJ cut tag, and must have the following header before the cut:


If you want to inlude other titles, such as "pairings" or "warnings", feel free. The ones above are the only ones I require.

4.) We respect ALL forms of Weiß Kreuz here. I will probably let an occasional joke slide...after all, the TV series looks like someone ran over the film stock several times with a mack truck. But if I find any constant bashing of characters or series (like Gluhen), you will be given a warning. Some of us actually LIKED Gluhen, and bashing gets old after a while, anyway.

5.) In that mindset, all forms of fic will be accepted here: gen, het, slash, G to NC-17. If you don't like a certain type of fic, don't read it. Fic bashing because of something like a hate for het or a dislike for a pairing will not be tolerated. It's one of those "Don't say anything at all" moments.

6.) Relax and have fun. I know I sound like a dictator above, but it's just to make sure you know what to expect from this community. I don't want everyone scared out of their minds to post anything. If I see you doing something wrong repeatedly, I'll come to you with a gentle, private reminder. So I don't foresee (heh...Crawford joke) any public floggings. Yet.

So welcome, Hunters of the Night!