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Ansatsusha: Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction and Discussion

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Weiß Kreuz Revival- Yaoi-Con 2008 [Sep. 11th, 2008|01:19 am]
Ansatsusha: Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction and Discussion


Weiß Kreuz Revival is a project launched in response to the large number of Weiß Kreuz events that are to take place at Yaoi-Con 2008. In an effort to keep track of all these events, we'll be listing the different functions and their times so WK fans will be sure not to miss out.

If you can, join us for this chance to meet and chat with fellow fans!

Last Updated- 09/22/08

Schedule of Events and InformationCollapse )
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Yaoi-Con Panel [Jun. 18th, 2008|11:19 am]
Ansatsusha: Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction and Discussion

::blows off dust::

Hey, gang! I know it's been a while, but I just got some exciting news I wanted to share! My Weiß Kreuz panel got approved for Yaoi-Con! Yay! We'll be shooting for a Friday time slot, since there seems to be a cosplay gathering in the works for that day, as well.

The panel's name is, "Weiß Kreuz- Fandom, Canon, and
Trends". We'll be discussing cliches in fandom, pairings, giving away some stuff, playing games, etc. It should be lots of fun, so come to it if you're attending Yaoi-Con. SWome BNFs have already agreed to sit on the panel, so I'm excited!

Now, here's where I need your help! If you can think of a topic regarding WK canon, fandom, fanfic, whatever, please let me know! We'll be gathering things like bad fic cliches and why authors use them, which pairings work and which don't, etc.

Topic open for discussion!
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Image Songs [Mar. 19th, 2008|03:51 pm]
Ansatsusha: Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction and Discussion

I'm wondering if any of you have particular "image" songs for the characters in Weiss Kreuz. Not the image songs provided by Weiss, but songs by artists that seem to represent the characters well. Perhaps you even have pairing songs? I'm interested in seeing what songs everyone has for the characters. So, please feel free to share (and explain) your song choices.

For being the topic starter, I'm quite sad to say that I really don't have any songs I equate to characters.
"Deadly Handsome Man" by Marcy Playground might be a fun choice for Schuldig. I have a WK music video to the song, and I think it fits his playful, scheming exterior quite well. There's a line in the song that says "My real name is Mephistopheles but you can call me 'Baby'," which I think is such a Schuldig thing to say.

"The Walk" by Imogen Heap is my own little personal song for CrawfordxKen. It really doesn't have any outstanding features of their (possible) relationship, but that's who I equate it with, nonetheless.
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The extent of Schuldig's telepathy - opinions, interpretations? [Dec. 16th, 2007|10:17 pm]
Ansatsusha: Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction and Discussion

I'm not really looking for a *definitive* answer, because I don't believe there is a definitive answer, but I'd like to hear your theories on the extent of Schuldig's powers.

Is his telepathy strong (hence why the thoughts of others overwhelm him sometimes), or his ability to block out the thoughts just weak?

Can he see only surface thoughts - what you are thinking in that moment - or can he see all your thoughts and memories?

Shielding - does it exist, or is it something we as fans made up? Does it make sense?

The reason I ask was because I was writing a scene in which Schuldig's telepathy is the main focus, and I started to doubt my interpretation of his telepathy. I think my version is a little too close to legilimency, all in all (I had Schuldig looking at people's memories). My version of "shielding" was also really visual - lots of hedge mazes. =/ I thought it was a good idea, but then when I looked at it from a reader's perspective, it just seemed really icky, and bad. So I just want to get a litmus test of how close/off the mark I am. (By the way, it's not that this story is *ever* going up on the 'net, I just still want to know.)

So, I was just wondering how you've envisioned Schuldig's power, or written about it (if you've written fanfics).

P.S.: hopeforlorn is back up. (for now) =)
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Hopeforlorn [Oct. 9th, 2007|02:31 pm]
Ansatsusha: Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction and Discussion

Not sure if this type of post is allowed (though I'm sure it will be intercepted if it's not).

Just wanted to let you all know that hopeforlorn is going down next month, so if there's anything you want on the site, for pete's sake, SAVE IT TO YOU COMPUTER NOW!!!

I'll be saving almost all of the pages onto my hard drive, especially some of the more difficult to find translations for manga, drama cds, and songs, and the internal chronology, in case anyone ever wants that stuff.
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Schwarz codenames [Sep. 6th, 2007|01:31 pm]
Ansatsusha: Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction and Discussion

I've been wondering recently - are the Schwarz codenames (Oracle, Mastermind, Berserker, and Prodigy) "official" or have they been created by fans and just perpetuated so much to the point of being so much fannon that no one can tell the difference?

P.S. on the fic challenges: It's not that I don't like the idea of fic challenges, it's just that I have nothing good to write on those topics. Maybe on the next one I'll have something... *_*;
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Ansatsusha Fic Challenges [Aug. 22nd, 2007|01:04 pm]
Ansatsusha: Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction and Discussion

In an effort to get off my lazy bum and post to this community once a week (at the very least), I've decide it's high past time for our first fic writing challenges!

The challenges will work like this:

Each week, I'll post a "theme" to write to. Anyone who wants to may write a fic in that theme and post it here. No length requirements at all- just let it flow!

I may or may not give multiple options each week- it depends on how many ideas we have saved up, and whether or not I'm scared that we'll burn through them too fast.

Make sure you follow the _ansatsusha_ guidelines for fic postings- use the correct header, and make sure your fic is under a cut. As always, all forms (het, yaoi/slash, gen, etc.) of fic are allowed, but PLEASE make sure it's quality. If I start to see a high number of OOC or Mary Sue fics (or just really bad writing), I'll either start to screen these entries or get rid of the challenges all together.

In addition to the 1 week challenges, I'll also be posting a 1 month challenge. This will be something with a little more meat on its bones. These fics are required to be at least 2,000 words in length with a solid plot- beginning, middle, and end, in whichever order you like to write them in.

Okay, that should be the basics! Any question, just post a comment!

And now, for the challenges...Collapse )
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Recs - One shots [May. 27th, 2007|11:54 pm]
Ansatsusha: Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction and Discussion

[Tags|, ]

Because it's late, I saw Pirates today, just read a ton of Sparrington, am on the brink of insanity at the moment, and because I promised some recs, here they are.

All of these are one shots. The first group are one shots with good ideas to think about, or personal interpretations of characters that I thought were particularly good. Most of them are gen (sorry all you pairing lovers! X_x) Since those tend to be morose, the second set are a couple humorous one shots. I thought they were worth the time to read, and I hope you think so, too. ^^;;

Happy Birthday - Omi centric, rather bloody and disturbing. Angsty (of course).

Disciplinary Measures - An interesting take on Rosenkreuz, Schuldig, and Brad.

Wednesdays with Balinese - A Yohji introspective. Fairly long, but it made it into my list for a reason, I suppose. Yohji also gets around to talking with Aya at some point, if that interests you.

****Echoes in my Mind - Schuldig, written in 2nd person. Schuldig/Farfarello, Schuldig/Yohji, Schuldig/Aya, Yohji/Aya, Crawford/Schuldig, Ran/Aya-chan. If there's nothing else on this list that you read, please read this! The style is unique and well done, and I love her interpretation on Schuldig's telepathy.

Ende du Nacht - "Ran is sitting infront of the hospital, and who does he meet? Certainly not someone he's expecting." The concept in this has actually made its way into my interpretation of Aya-chan's coma.

Underneath it all - Weiss & Schwarz through alcohol.


Bored Games - "For various reasons Schwarz are stuck in their apartment for a day,with nothing to do. Until Brad produces a pile of dusty cardboard boxes and a handful of dice..." Fairly ludicrous, but entertaining.

Buttons - RanxKen! *giggles*

Origami Origins - YohjixAya, sweet and sugary.

Sweetie - "Yoji's drugged and tied down by a dark beast -- and not in a good way, either. But there's no need to fear; Yoji's sweetie has it under control.

Short and, well, sweet."
(It's quite good, just read it.)
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Weiss Kreuz fanfics + lemon [May. 19th, 2007|08:51 pm]
Ansatsusha: Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction and Discussion

In your opinion, does a Weiss Kreuz fanfic have to have sex in it to be considered good?

I know it's a question that is seemingly coming out of nowhere. There actually is a long, convoluted, not to mention rather embarrassing(?) back-story to this question, but that's only the half of it. I'm having a lot of trouble actually explaining the back-story to the question in a coherent manner. So I figured just asking the question was good enough.

One (tiny, miniscule) part to the reason for my question is that almost all the recs here involve lemons (even if they're done well).

Not that I mind reading a story with it, but I dunno, sometimes I just prefer reading a Weiss story without a lemon. In my opinion, some of the best stories I've read in this fandom were definitely without highly sexual content, and they were very good. But I mean, that's just my opinion. And, for long and convoluted reasons, I was wondering what all of you thought. X_x;
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Yohji - Will someone explain him to me? [Mar. 6th, 2007|08:57 pm]
Ansatsusha: Weiß Kreuz Fanfiction and Discussion

Hrm, I wanted to do a character study of Ken around Christmas, but that didn't happen, although I'll get to it eventually. But Yohji's birthday just passed (March 3rd), and I'm sick today with nothing to do (and I mean, nothing. I gave up fanfiction for lent. >_<). So I was cruisin' Youtube and found a bizarre Yohji-centric video to the song "I'm too Sexy" - you know the one: "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt..." yep. If there was one Weiss member you could put that song to, of course it would be Yohji. Which got me thinking about him.

Yohji was the last of the four Weiss members that I came to like, and in all honesty, I really don't understand him at all. When I first encountered Yohji, I disliked him immediately since he frequently talks about women, and picking them up. I disliked him because of his flirtatious attitude. And, of course, being a character who smokes didn't help my opinion of him.

And as I watched more of the series? I disliked him because of his complete fixation on Asuka. I wanted to say to him, "She's gone! Get over it, man, and get a LIFE!"

I disliked/ tolerated him in a lot of fanfiction for a while, but somewhere along the way I had a breakthrough, and gradually I began to like him more, for his friendly, humorous, easy going personality.

However, I still don't really understand him, or his actions, and we're not told a lot about Yohji's past with Asuka, which inevitably creates a really big plot/character hole (like there aren't enough, in WK. ;) ).

What I know, for a fact, about Yohji

He is very interested in women (and at least more so than any other Weiss members), he believes in protecting innocent women ("An enemy of women is an enemy of mine"), he still can't forget Asuka, he has morals about who he dates (18 and over), and although he many act like he's the sexiest thing on earth, he rarely (if ever) feels the need to inform people of it. I once watched the entire series and noted that not once did he actually talk about how sexy he was.

Why I liked Gluehen

I liked it because there was a lot of character development and discovery. Aya finally comes to terms with who he is. And Yohji? We are afforded more glimpses on his relationship with Asuka and what he thinks about himself. I actually copied down some of the script from Gluehen (from fansubs nicked off Youtube), where they pertained to Yohji.

In Episode 11, in this scene Aya is fighting that woman, Tsuji, while Yohji is listening. His first comment is directed to Tsuji.

(Aya) If you try to artificially rid yourself of your sins, then you're as good as dead!

Yohji (to himself): dead?

Asuka: Thats' right, I'm dead but that's not because of what you did. I had lost my soul even before that, and I was as good as dead. Youji, you saved me.

Yohji: Save you... I did?

Asuka: thats why I can stay alive like this. I want you to stay alive. I don't want you to lose your soul. Live, Youji. as long as you live, we'll be able to meet again.

So... in the end, Yohji kinda wins. Asuka tells him he's not a terrible person (yay!). Of course... he gets amnesia, so the entire internal struggle of whether or not he will accept Tsuji's proposition to make him forget becomes in vain, but... hey, at least he was happy for a moment. *shrugs*

What about Asuka? Speculation

What about Asuka? Is she the same person as Neu, or are they completely different people, and is it only Yohji's desperation to have Asuka back that lead him to believe his lost PI partner and Schreient's Neu are one in the same? And where does Asuka even stand with Yohji - friend or lover?

Personally, I find it hard to believe that Neu and Asuka are the same person, as it's just so unrealistic. However, the fanfiction community pretty much swears they are the same person (heh). I also wouldn't be surprised if Koyasu ever said (or wrote, in some Weiss story) that they WERE the same person, simply because no one EVER dies on this show! So, I'm kinda torn on that one.

However, I DO believe that Yohji and Asuka were romantically involved with one another, and not merely friends. There is too much suggestion in the anime for the two of them to be "just friends." Every Weiss member also gets a girl at some point - Omi gets Ouka, Ken gets Yuriko, for the sake of argument we'll count Sakura as "Aya's girl", and Yohji? Asuka, duh!

Speculation on Yohji

My friend and I once had an entire conversation about Yohji as a character - who he is off screen, in the places the two series and the OVA don't delve (neither of us have heard enough drama CDs).

In the end, we concluded that Yohji's pretty broken, deep down. He's completely traumatized, deeply affected by what happened to Asuka. We felt that in terms of fanfic pairings he could not adequately be seme to Ken, Aya, or Schuldig, because of his insecurity and "broken-ness." (Although I said seme-Yohji was possible with Omi, because of the latter's age. Speaking of Bombay, his birthday also [kinda] just passed. Specifically, what do you think of YohjixOmi as a couple? While my friend can't see them as anything more than a big-brother/little-brother relationship, YohjixOmi was one of the first couples I was attracted to. Go figure. *shrug*)

I would really, really love to hear your opinions on Yohji as a character/person, what you think of him, and how you think he acts, thinks, and feels. Is he as shallow as he looks, or is there more to him?

Here are also two links about Yohji I'd like to share:
http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/jadeyes/ - Jade Eyes, a completely factual site about Kudou Yohji.

http://mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/109585 - Not Now, Not Ever An AyaxYohji fanfic, where Yohji is the epitome of "broken" and "submissive." And *glee* plot-relevant lemon! I'm recommending it because it was one of the fics that got me thinking about Yohji. *shrugs*
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