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I created this community because of my love of literature and all things English :P. I'd like to share my love of English and literature with the world, starting here. I'm sure there's others out there who write or enjoy reading a good book or two.

I named the community _anotherworld because when I read a book, it's like I'm slipping into a whole other world, one that the author created for me. When I was little I learned I could create my own little world for anybody else to jump into, and in addition it helped me to escape from the world around me -- or share my happiness with others. Just like when one gets lost in a movie or their favorite television show, or even their favorite song -- it's like they travel somewhere else. When one reads a book, it can take them into a whole 'nother realm; it can take them to the heavens, or to the deepest pits of hell. To other planets, or simply to their own back yard. It can be informative or simply entertaining. From this knowledge, this community was born.

Since this community is new, I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing with it. I may be doing themes and/or challenges, and I'm already devising a voting system. Please read the rules below, and most of all, enjoy the community. :)

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1.) No flaming. Constructive critisism is always appreciated, but flaming is entirely unneccessary. If you flame your post or comment will be deleted and you will be banned from the community. Please, choose your words carefully. If you receive a flame, please do the mature thing and ignore it.

2.) If you would like a report card then you must request one in your post.

3.) New members should fill out the survey. It's not required for access, but we'd like to get to know you a little bit better :).

4.) No spamming. If you'd like to advertise your community on here, just let me know. I know how hard it is sometimes to get your journal or community kicked off to a good start. But any spam posted on here will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned. Sorry!

5.) Spelling and grammar checking before posting is nice, but not required.

6.) If your post is longer than two average paragraphs long (6-8 sentences per paragraph), please put it under an LJ-Cut. If you don't know how to do this, click here or ask a mod for help, we'll be glad to help you :).

7.) Don't post the work of others without labeling it accordingly and with express permission.

Please feel free to post anything, as long as it's on topic. If you find a post offensive, just don't read it unless it's a flame or intentionally created to hurt somebody's feelings. Remember, some of the best works in history were those that created scandal and controversy.

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Report Cards:
Report cards are basically the grading of your work. If you request a report card, the other members will grade your work on the following:

1.) Spelling and grammar.
2.) Creativity (do you march to the beat of your own drum, or follow the leader?).
3.) Level of interest (how interested the reader was in the writing at the end of it).
4.) Relativity to theme (if applicable).

Members will grade your work A-F and explain why they graded it as they did. Graders are given free reign to judge as they please, but graders: please judge the work fairly. Don't base it on personal involvement or just because you are in a bad mood and feel like giving an F. Please, be fair.

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Typical work (ie: poetry, short stories, novels, etc...):
Reason you decided to join this community (for ego purposes :P):
Publications/awards (if any):

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