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Wow I haven't been on in ages, randomly clicked and whaddaya know its working! Whoo..

i guess thats it for now. If anyone decides to get reinvolved that'd be cool. if not then.. *shrugs* i dunno.

(no subject) of my best friends is moving. We met in 3rd grade, and we became best friends. Now we're in 10th, and she's moving away. We've gone through so much together, and I don't want her to leave. She just found out a a few weeks ago, and she moves within the next week or two. It sucks. I love her. And she's leaving. To the other side of the country.

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Location:patterson ny
why you joined:becuase i wanted and needed to
single or not:not
food:dont have one
bands or singers:avenge sevenfold
thing to where:
....other stuff....
any disorders:mentaly yes
are you a SI: yes i cut
ever tried suicide: yes many times at least 100x
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((I looked and saw no other entries.. so either something is messing up or I'm the first! *shock* ok, yeah... here's the lil survey.))
Name: Jo
Location: Tennessee
sex: female
why you joined: Everyone needs advice once in a while. I both give and recieve as needed
single or not: sorta, yeah I'm single but not on the market
color: purple black and silver
food: buttered toast! (my comfort food)
bands or singers: Guns N Roses, Meatloaf, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, APC, Trapt, Gretchin Wilson, John Michael Montgomery, etc..
movies: Cats: Now and Forever (The musical, comfort movie), Moulin Rouge, Pocahontas, Lion King 1&2, Butterfly Effect, Atlantis, Legend, Labyrinth, Blues Brothers 2000
thing to wear: my black an purple striped skirt that I made with the matching tights
....other stuff....
any disorders: not offically diagnosed, but suspected several including depression or manic depression
are you a SI: Sorta, I've been on the road to quitting...
ever tried suicide: Yeah, but it didn't work (obviously) and not many really know about it.. used a chain around my neck, was choking on my tears, and got talked out of it by a friend online..

Yeah, so thats me.
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I just joined? Yeah. Something like that basically. So... here's the questions?
Location: Florida
sex: female
why you joined: it seemed cool
single or not: taken. for the last... 11 months.
food: slushies
bands or singers: taking back sunday, sugarcult....
movies: road to el dorado
thing to where: black pants
....other stuff....
any disorders:
are you a SI: nope
ever tried suicide: yeah. but i'm over that now... it was like 2 years ago.


i just want to let everyone know. You can post whatever you want in here.
No one will judge you. If you have a story you want to tell. Good or bad,
sad or happy. feel free. Or if you want to post pictures of whatever you
want you can. Make sure they are under an LJ cut. exspecially if they are
of cuts you have done yourself or whatever. But please enjoy and dont be
afraid to tell us anything.