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What am I?

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WTF am I? new, confused and different otherkin
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Dragons with feathery wings, who make bird sounds when they play.
Spider like creatures with tentacles, dragonfly wings and hearts of gold.
Shapeshifters who do not follow the normal rules.
Multiples, in whom all things converge in strange and unusual ways.
Good demons, evil celestials, cheerful drow children and hybrids of all variations.
Computer systems, spells, concepts, glimpses, and many others who are strange and unusual.
Confused new ones who are not sure if they have lost their mind.
All are welcome here to explore their inner world and that of others.

Written by a friend, who is much better with words then I am:
Out of the corner of my eye I keep catching a view that is perfectly natural and yet not human.

Not the more usual otherkin: unicorn, dragon, elf, cat, or what have you either!

Wings AND Scales? Multiple tails? More wings than others? Many eyes/ears/etc.? Leathery skin AND fur?

You aren't a freak. You aren't a mistake. You aren't alone. Feel free to explain as much of what you are feeling/seeing/thinking/remembering as you are comfortable with. Who knows? Someone here might know something, or if not, at least offer understanding, commiseration, and respect!