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+Yourself in 5 words:crazy, outgoing, intelligent, musical, romantic
+Top 10 bands/musicians of all time:Mars Volta, Finger Eleven, 36 crazyfists, Zao, One Side Zero, Bane, Poison the Well, Across Five Aprils, Bleeding Through, Demon Hunter
+Favorite songs not performed by the top 10: Paint it Black- Earth Crisis, Dear Livejournal- Evergreen Terrace, and Baby Got Back (Cover)- Throwdown
+Top 5 favorite movies:All 3 of the Godfather movies, School of Rock, The Little Mermaid (sorry, I just can't get over that one), Casablanca, and Pirates of the Caribbean
+Colors:black, red, pink, and green
+Any quirks?:Lots, but I think the main one is how I tend to say random things.
+Pet Peeves:People who can't carry on a conversation and are too tense to just play around.
+Favorite thing to wear:My boots.
+What do you like to do with your free time?:I play sports, such as softball like I'm doing at the moment. I play the drums and listen to music as well.
+Favorite books:Warriors Don't Cry (I forgot the author's name, Walk Two Moons (Sharon Creech), and Misery (Stephen King)
+Favorite words:whee, yay, arr
+Favorite TV show:Who's Line Is It Anyway
+Favorite season and why:The first season because it was the most fresh and I wasn't so annoyed by that Brady one. Otherwise, I just crack up watching it.
+Special talent?Um well, I can tie my shoes rather well :-D
+Pick a few lyrics/quotes/pictures to describe you: "I saw a flower, and it was withering away, and I was embarrassed by it's honesty." "If love is so cool, then why do I feel so stupid."and "I like cheese."
+Describe a sentimental object of yours:This fluffy huge bear that my dad who passed away a while back won for me in Las Vegas.
+Most shocking moment of your life:When my boyfriend first told me that he loved me.
+Most embarrassing:Well, it'd take a while to explain, but it's when I told my boyfriend "I love yogurt."
+Favorite physical feature:Either my hair or my eyes.
+Tell us a secret: I secretly stole a pair of my brother's socks yesterday because I forgot to wash all of mine.
+Movies/Music/Books [3 of each] you didn't like and why you didn't like them:The Haunted Mansion because it had no real story to it, Shakespeare In Love because my mother made me go see it and it was all about this one blonde chick and her breasts, and I Want to Marry Ryan Banks because it was too corny without an actual story line.
Anything by Jessica Simpson because I despise her voice, Britney Spears because of what pathetic superficial things she does to keep what she has left of a career alive, and Kid Rock because I for some reason just don't like his music.
Little House on the Prairie books because they were uninteresting, Chasing Redbird because it didn't compare to the rest of Sharon Creech's books and was a huge disappointment to me, and Where The Red Fern Grows because I guess the author's style of writing just wasn't very appealing to me.
Fix this...
+You want to hook up an electronic device using an A/C adaptor but the only one you can find does not fit in said device...: I smash said device and find something else to do.
+The debate over gay marriage [consider those who are against it]: I'm for it, but only because we have such a high rate of divorce, why not let our society benefit off relationships that will last and prevent the court systems from any more trouble. The only reason I'm against it is because of the benefits that were being handed out to the couples that would marry which I thought was completely unnecessary.
+someone grabs you from behind, fingers latched in your hair...:I'll probably sweak and ask them to remove their fingers from my hair. Then again, it does depend on who's doing this.
+you're convinced you're in love with someone who does not respond to simple conversation but you want their admiration and to know more about them... Wow this isn't me, but I guess maybe I kiss will get them to say something?

Thoughts on:
self-mutilation: Against it, it in the long run usually just causes more physical harm than what was intended.
abortion:Pro-choice. If you don't want to have an abortion, simply don't get one is how I think about it.
government:Well humans are too stupid to live with something such as anarchy, so I suppose it is useful to an extent.
popular culture:Is dumb since it doesn't serve as much of a point, or is even that interesting to follow.
body modification:If it makes you feel better and helps you be capable of being a better person, then I don't see why not.
the application:awesome, only because the what I didn't like sort of made me think more than saying what I did like... and there weren't any completely useless questions that some applications ask just because they can.


and finally, me after a softball practice.

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