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+Name: Chandler Elizabeth Diana McKellar
+Age: 16
+Yourself in 5 words: funny, interesting, lazy, krum, agreeable
+Top 10 bands/musicians of all time:
(in no order)
1. Pink Floyd
2.Billy Joel
3.Bright Eyes
4. Rolling stoness
5. radiohead
6.Mazzy Star
8.Johnny Cash
10. Janis Joplin

+Favorite songs not performed by the top 10: Making that list was actually kind of hard, because I didn't want what I listen to now to sway like all time. Britney Spears "toxic" Blood Brothers "pink tarantula" "every breath is a bomb" Usher "yeah" Saves the Day "At your funeral"
+Top 5 favorite movies: Say Anything, Welcome to The Dollhouse, Empire Records, Bye Bye Birdie, Nightmare Before Christmas.
+Colors: blue
+Any quirks?: I have the whole troll card collection. I can roll my tongue into a clover. I'm diggin here.
+Pet Peeves: when homeless people hit on me. and when old men tell me they think im gorgeous
+Favorite thing to wear: Label? I really like diesel, Hollister, Express, shows, Thrift stores.
+What do you like to do with your free time?: read, SLEEP. i work 40 hours a week and go to school so i dont really have much free time. :( I love to just hang out and be lazy. watch cartoons. pretty chill, i guess: )
+Favorite books:  Catcher in The Rye. Choke. Invisible Monsters. Mrs. Piggly Wiggly. Rules Of Attraction. Fight Club. Girl Interrupted.
+Favorite words: Rad.
+Favorite TV show: Family Guy. Futurama. Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Rockos Modern life was badd.
+Favorite season and why: Spring. I live in texas and our summers too hot, and it just sort of skips fall. definitely spring.
+Special talent? I can do the Bridge that they made u do in PE in like 3rd grade :)
+Pick a few lyrics/quotes/pictures to describe you: "she comes in colors everywhere. she combs her hair. shes like a rainbow.." "the futures got me worried such awful thoughts, my heads a carousel of pictures the spinning never stops" "there is no truth. there is only you, and what you make the truth."
+Describe a sentimental object of yours: I have this hello kitty pillow that my mother bought for me when I was younger. I was hospitalized and she brought it to me even though I was really sick :(
+Most shocking moment of your life: When my mom died.
+Most embarrassing: I'm not embarrased easily. I was really embarrased (or maybe its shy?) when I went to the doctor and she asked to check out my vagina and I didn't understand why. She gave me the sex talk and told me about the future that I knew I would NOT. be looking forward to.
+Favorite physical feature: I have really interesting eyes. They're dark blue and silver and pearl colored all mixed together.
+Tell us a secret: When I was in 7th grade I thought i was in love with a boy over the internet. :(
+Movies/Music/Books [3 of each] you didn't like and why you didn't like them:
1. Vanilla Skye- Did anyone know what the hell was going on? the whole time I was trying to figure out what was happening and I didn't know flash backs were occuring.
2. Paulie- that movie about the stupid parrot... just, WHAT THE HELL?
3.Kazaam- I don't even remember what happened in it, I just remember Shaq was a genie in it. and I remember one scene where it rained down Nestle Crunch bars. SHAQQQQQQQQ.

1. whoever sings that "I believe in a thing called love" song. its annoying and repetetive and I want to kill whoever wrote it.
2.cradle of filth- ..why? just answer me. why.
3.Ace of Base- all their songs sounded the exact same!!

1. Animal Farm- I was bored through out the whole book.
2. Define Normal - it was stupid.
3. Amelia Bedelia- no one is that stupid.

Fix this...
+You want to hook up an electronic device using an A/C adaptor but the only one you can find does not fit in said device...: I would make my boyfriend go buy me whatever it takes, I don't understand computers. or maybe i'd just cut it out. depends how fast i need it.
+The debate over gay marriage [consider those who are against it]: I can understand why someone would be against it, but I personally think that we only have a short time on this planet anyway, so why not let them get married? I mean seriously its not like 65% of our population ends up divorced anyway
+someone grabs you from behind, fingers latched in your hair...: I turn around and kik them in the jaw. no i'd probably just smack the shit out of them.
+you're convinced you're in love with someone who does not respond to simple conversation but you want their admiration and to know more about them... I get a friend to find out what they're into and see if we're compatible or if im just wasting my idolization.

Thoughts on:
self-mutilation: :( I know what you're going through but YOU CAN GET BETTER
abortion: Pro-choice
government: Liberal.
popular culture: cool.
body modification: please dont put tattoos on your face like those gangs in jail. creepy.
the application:  tight shit.








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