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hi...umm...i'm new!?!!?!

somebody posted a comment in my journal awhile ago, and said to go here, so now, here i am. here's my entry...there's a lot of pics for you...

+Name: jac
+Age: 17
+Yourself in 5 words: crazy, caring, selfless, funny, lazy
+Top 10 bands/musicians of all time: senses fail, strung out, devotchkas, the prize fight (a BADASS local band, they are signed to eca at the moment), rancid, the mars volta, finch, youth brigade, dead kennedys, at the drive in
+Favorite songs not performed by the top 10: umm...senses fail - bloody romance, filter - take a picture, the blood brothers - ambulance vs. ambulance, mewithoutyou - gentlemen, common rider - small pebble
+Top 5 favorite movies: donnie darko, valley girl, the goonies, empire records, fast times at ridgemont high...and christmas vacation...i know, it's six
+Colors: black/red/blue
+Any quirks?: i have a habit of driving like an asshole. i can't walk in a straight line either, hah.
+Pet Peeves: when people look away when you talk to them, like they are looking for someone better to talk to, that really pisses me off, and chapped lips...it really doesn't take much to apply some medicated chapstick on your lips, k? k
+Favorite thing to wear: my black pearl necklace and any jacket ever, especially my awesomely awesome acid wash denim jacket woohoo
+What do you like to do with your free time?: go to shows, listen to music, go thrifting, hang out with friends, do crazy stupid stuff
+Favorite books: legend of a rock star: a memoir, any poetry, clockwork orange, any dr. seuss book...woo heehee
+Favorite words: just kidding, the end, woo, umm, silly
+Favorite TV show: queer eye for the straight guy and anything "whatever story" on tlc
+Favorite season and why: spring, because it isnt too hot or cold, and it's a fun time
+Special talent? i can make easy mac woo
+Pick a few lyrics/quotes/pictures to describe you: cant get ahold of the leaf that i need there is no end to the to streets im on my knees and i wish some day things would get better i been trapped in this black hole for too long cant understand cant understand the word of what u say i never bothered to listen ne way and i know some day things will get better i been trapped in this black hole for too long im trapped in i been trippen im furious over the state im in im trapped in i been trippen im furious over the state im trapped in i been trippen and im furious over the state im in and i know some day things will get better i been trapped in this black hole for too long. division of laura lee - trapped in
+Describe a sentimental object of yours: my camera
+Most shocking moment of your life: when my uncle passed away at a young age, then two months later, my grandfather died, too
+Most embarrassing: when my friend shanked me during gym class...everything exposed...
+Favorite physical feature: of myself, my eyes...of other people, their eyes and smile
+Tell us a secret: i am grounded right now and not supposed to be online heehee >.<
+Movies/Music/Books [3 of each] you didn't like and why you didn't like them: that's an odd question...book - huckleberry finn...it was sooo boring. movie - underworld, i just didn't like it. music - any pop music, i hate being close-minded, but i really just don't like it.

Fix this...
+You want to hook up an electronic device using an A/C adaptor but the only one you can find does not fit in said device...: i'll get someone else to fix it
+The debate over gay marriage [consider those who are against it]: i'm for it, actually, i'm writing a paper on it right now
+someone grabs you from behind, fingers latched in your hair...: use my super self-defense skills i learned in gym class! ASAH!
+you're convinced you're in love with someone who does not respond to simple conversation but you want their admiration and to know more about them...: i call them, or just give up, i'm not that forward

Thoughts on:
self-mutilation: ehh, i know people who do it, and it makes me sad
abortion: pro-life
government: i dont like bush
popular culture: it's alright
body modification: if you really want it
the application: umm, it was great...? i'm falling asleep (haven't slept in two days or whatever) so if some things don't make sense, then umm, that's why

hey my acid wash denim jacket! how silly

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