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i just realized how god awful long my app. is :D

+Name: karyn [karyn-core. k-ron]
+Age: twen-t
+Yourself in 5 words: random as HELL, bipolar, buthappy, musicallyobsessed, alover

+Top 10 bands/musicians of all time:
taking back sunday
the beatles
alkaline trio
creedance clearwater revival
matchbook romance
frankie valli
yes i realize theyre terrible, but they always cheer me up.:x
reggie and the full effect

+Favorite songs not performed by the top 10:
SHIT THIS WILL BE HARD. please dont make fun:
eternal flame : the bangles
kentucky rain : elvis presley
henry mancini : moon river
boy sets fire : my life in the knife trade
the julianna theory : if i told you this was killing me, would you stop?
brand new : seventy times seven
dashboard confessional : a plain morning
the used : buried myself alive
thursday : jet black new year
something corporate : konstantine

+Top 5 favorite movies:
vanilla sky
the ring
high fidelity
breakfast at tiffany's
when harry met sally

+Colors: green&black

+Any quirks?: i have a raging jealousy streak in me. .. and i smoke like a chimney =\

+Pet Peeves: false modesty. people who chew with their mouth open. and close talkers. youknow. when people feel the need to be like 2 inches from your face when theyre talking to you. bad breath. and body odor.

+Favorite thing to wear:i have a small black hoody then looks good with everything. its a zip up and i got it on the clearance rack at walmart last year. my ripped to shit patched to hell jeans that have and will always look fabulous on me. and my absolutely DEAD adidas's .. a kid in my art class senior year of high school drew flames on the shells. and said they were helltops. <3

+What do you like to do with your free time?: talking to the love of my life online (he lives 4 hours away) play in photoshop, listen to music, go out for coffee, color, make things out of old things, and take pictures

+Favorite books:
the perks of bieng a wallflower. yes its everyones favorite book, i dont CARE. if i dont read it for a few months, i can still pick it up, flip to a random page, and get goosebumps from one sentence. a child called it by dave pelzer. call me sick and twisted, but i love books about people who were tremendously abused as a child :\ and im currently reading survivor by chuck palahniuk and its fucking awesome and im only in the middle .. i suggest you kids pick it up. its by the same guy who wrote fight club and its just as fucked

+Favorite words: absurd. wonderful. curpuscular. tremendous. (sp?) ridiculous. and damage

+Favorite TV show: three's company r.i.p john ritter <3

+Favorite season and why: hm. i guess you could say summer. but like. in late august, early september, when at night its only like 45-50 degrees. oh i love it. cus i love cold weather, but i hate snow.

+Play any instruments?: no. but oh god i wish i could play piano. its so beautiful

+Favorite local band?: hah. my boyfriend. MC MUMPER REPRESENT!

+Pick a few lyrics to describe you:
[this isnt exactly me, but its my life right now]
why does tonite, have to end?
why don't we hit restart,
and pause it at our favorite parts.
we'll skip the goodbyes.
if i had it my way,
i'd turn the car around and runaway,
just you and i.

+Describe a sentimental object of yours: my puppy. his name is puddles. but hes always been puppy to me. ive had him since i was 12. and hes such a good listener. the fantasy wedding ring. ahaha my bf has the same one.theyre these gaudy, fake as hell rings with gigantic fake diamonds. that we got at navy peir for 2 for 5 a few months ago. i have it on me at all times

+Most shocking moment of your life:february of 2002, my mom called me at home from work. and told me she'd found an apartment. and that she was leaving my dad, and i was coming with her. i knew it was coming.. i just never thought it would.

+Most embarrassing: actually. when i was in 6th grade. i had just started my period that year, so they were really OFF. yougirlsknowwhatimean. and i bled all over myself in industrial tech. wow. i realized that thats gross.. and any boys in here now hate me. SORRY KIDS. but someday youll have to admit the truth. girls have periods. WE EVEN POOP AND FART SOMETIMES!! god. i am REALLY not helping my case here =\

+Favorite physical feature: i adore my eyes. theyre green with a darkgreen outline and theyre huge.


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