cowgirlmal (cowgirlmal) wrote in _another_rating,

cowgirlmal</lj-poll><+Name:Mallory +Age:15
+Yourself in 5 words:
+speddish +Top 10 bands/musicians of all time:
+garth brooks
+allen jackson
+pink flyod
+brooks and dunn
+dave mathews band
+jonny lang
+dimond rio
+Favorite songs not performed by the top 10: +house of the rising sun +Top 5 favorite movies:
+now and then
+coyote ugly
+fox and the hound
+Any quirks?:
+i tell it like it is..(the truth)...but some people dont always like it!... but i jsut say what everyones thinkin but doesnt want to say
+Pet Peeves:
+messed up hair.. im not a girlly girl at all dont get me wrong.. but i mean... my sisters a hair dresser and i want to be one.. and it jsut erks me!
+be what you are.. dont try to be something your not! and can never be! +Favorite thing to wear:
+JEANS and a tank top!!!
+What do you like to do with your free time?:
+i play volleyball
+Favorite books:
+i dont read much.. but i like suspence and action.. comedy and westerns
+Favorite words:
+i wasnt sure so i asked my best friend what i said alot.. or what she thought would be my favorite words and i got
dude +:/ i didnt htink i has that dirty of a mouth!..its only when im angry

+Favorite TV show:
+that 70s show
+the oc
+one tree hill
+will and grace

+Favorite season and why:
+fall.. it brings back memories of the perfect motorcycles rides on the back of my daddys bike...i miss him!

+Play any instruments?:
+my daddy was teaching me the guitar.. i know one song that only the family knows!.. but im startng to get lessons!

+Favorite local band?: +jonny lang +Pick a few lyrics to describe you:
+witha broken wing she still sings
+aint no pink and purple passys, little yellow mellow dassies... her favorite color is chrome!!

+Describe a sentimental object of yours:
+my cowy and my blanky... ive had them since i can remmber and i cant sleep with out them.. i know.. im sitll a little baby.. i dont care! who wants to grow up anyways?

+Most shocking moment of your life:
+july 25th 2003.. at about 8:30... a cop came to my house and told me and my mama that my daddy had been t-boned by an 18 wheeler.. whille riding his motorcycle home from work and was killed instantly

+Most embarrassing:
+humm..i dont get to embarrassed.. i usally do the embarrassing but i guess when i tripped and slid down the main stair way at school.. it was inbetween classes and i had boots on so everystep i hit made a loud thud and everyone turned around!

+Favorite physical feature:
+i love my eyes!... there jsut like my dads! im the only one outta my 2 sisters that got them!! their blue
+my hair.. everyone says its liek angel hair.. its natural bleach blond!
+...humm i seem to get alot of comments abotu my butt.. but i really dont get it! well here are pictures... their all of me being silly but i am silly so its ok! i'm the blond one yeah.
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