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+Yourself in 5 words:crazy, blonde, hyper, weird, unique.
+Top 10 bands/musicians of all time:Cake, The Clash, Zero 7, Senses Fail, Rooney, Madonna, Green Day, The Academy Is, Panic! At The Disco, A.F.I.
+Favorite songs NOT performed by the top 10: Wake up- Hilary Duff, La Vie Boheme- Rent, The Pornographer's Daughter- Northstar, Billie Jean- Micheal Jackson, Til I Hear It From You- Gin Blossoms, I Wasn't Prepared- Eisley, Girl Anachronism- The Dresden Dolls, Hunger For The Great Light- Dave Matthews Band, One More Sad Song- All AMerican Rejects, The New Sound- The Capricorns.
+Top 5 favorite movies:Rent, In Her Shoes, Death Becomes Her, School of Rock, LiarLiar.
+Colors:Green, Pink, &Black.
+Any quirks?:?
+Pet Peeves:I hate when people don't wear belts, and i hate when people make gross noises when they chew.
+Favorite thing to wear:I like jeans, and i like beads.
+What do you like to do with your free time?: Swim, Walk, Computer, Sing, Sleep!
+Favorite books:Better Then Running at Night.
+Favorite words:star, amazing, sweet, love.
+Favorite TV show:Degrassi.
+Favorite season and why:Summer, no school.
+Special talent?Nope.
+Pick a few lyrics/quotes/pictures to describe you:"I should tell you i'm disaster"
"and as you passed by i began to cry over things that i did not say"
+Describe a sentimental object of yours:I have a bear, Rosie, i've had it since i was 5, and i sleep with it everynight. If i don't have it, i can't sleep. When i was like 10 i used to talk to it.
+Most shocking moment of your life:Probably when i heard my grandmother died.
+Most embarrassing:I tend to trip in front of people.
+Favorite physical feature:I'm skinny?
+Tell us a secret: I like a boy who isn't my boyfriend.
+Movies/Music/Books [3 of each] you didn't like and why you didn't like them:movies- dark water, stupidest movie EVER, robots, i thought it would be cute but it sucked, Herbie Fully Loaded, stupid.
Music- I boought a cd and the artists name was Lamb, the cd wasn't very good. Mariah Carrey, all her songs annoy me alot. Converge- sounds like a cd that got ran over.

Fix this...
+You want to hook up an electronic device using an A/C adaptor but the only one you can find does not fit in said device...:Look for a new A/c Adaptor online or at stores and look for the cheapest one you can find, and fix it !
+The debate over gay marriage -- consider those that are against it [PS, this isn't an opinion question]:I'm not siding with one side here, but just, let them get married, i mean whatever, does it really matter?
+someone grabs you from behind, fingers latched in your hair...:Get there hands out of my hair, and tell them to go away.
+you're convinced you're in love with someone who does not respond to simple conversation but you want their admiration and to know more about them...Tell them how you feel, if they don't feel the same way, try and forget about them, if that doesn't work, try to make friends with them, and just be as close as you can with them.

Thoughts on:
self-mutilation:If you'd like to do that to your body, be my guest.
abortion:If you can't afford to keep a child safe, i guess it's alright, but adoption is better, i think.
government:I actually really am into government. I find it stupid, how people have NO idea whats going on get placed in high positions though.
popular culture:Eh, don't really know much about culture, nor do i really care?
body modification:I don't understand.
the application:It was Good, it gave you a chance to kinda get to know the person.

this is me;
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