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+Name: Austin Jake Galvan
+Yourself in 5 words: amazing, sexy, agressive, friendly, charming
+Top 10 bands/musicians of all time: Kelly Clarkson, No Doubt (oh I miss the whole band), Green Day, Black Eyed Peas, OutKast, Ryan Cabrera, Third Eye, Mariah Carey, The Dresden Dolls
+Favorite songs NOT performed by the top 10: The Fruge, Jesse's Girl, More bounce in California, LaLa, How do I, Sway, Walkin on Sunshine, Milkshake, Lose Control, All the things she said
+Top 5 favorite movies:Closer, Mean Girls, Pretty Woman, The Breakfast Club, The Notebook
+Colors: Red, Pink, Brown
+Any quirks?: Im not sure
+Pet Peeves: no, it takes alot to get on my nerves
+Favorite thing to wear: My Blue and Green Abercrombie striped shirt
+What do you like to do with your free time?: go to the beach, shopping, cruise with friends, and gossip
+Favorite books: Lord of the Flies, Twilight of the Golds, The Color Purple
+Favorite words: SHUT UP, shit, fuckface, pshh, watever
+Favorite TV show: LAGUNA BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Favorite season and why: Winter, because where I live, it feels like fall: Breezy and cool

+Special talent? Acting
+Pick a few lyrics/quotes/pictures to describe you: "Im gon get get get you drunk, get you love drunk off my humps."- Black Eyed Peas "Dream as you will live forever, live as if you will die today"-James Dean

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+Describe a sentimental object of yours: my Vanity Mirror, it belonged to my great grandmother before she died and I was really close to her.
+Most shocking moment of your life: Every moment of my life is a shock
+Most embarrassing: I always get so embarassed when someone is telling me that they like something Im wearing and I go on and on about where I got it and bla bla bla and then I find out that they were talking to someone else
+Favorite physical feature: my eyes
+Tell us a secret: shhhhhh Im gay
+Movies/Music/Books [3 of each] you didn't like and why you didn't like them: Movies: Barber Shop-because its too gangster for me, Robots-Im not a big animation fan, and 8 mile-again to gangster for me.

Music- Eminem-he bugs me, Ashanti-I just dont like her, Clay Aiken-hes so annoying

Books- Tale of Two Cities-too long, Enders game- pointless, Animal Farm- I just didnt like it

Fix this...
+You want to hook up an electronic device using an A/C adaptor but the only one you can find does not fit in said device...: I call someone who knows what they are doing and have them fix it.

+The debate over gay marriage -- consider those that are against it [PS, this isn't an opinion question]: Gay people (myself) really shouldnt be married in the Catholic Church just because its a religion and thats how it was formed, but there should be a seperate ceremony made for the unity of homosexuals.

+someone grabs you from behind, fingers latched in your hair...: I do whatever Im told and hope that it ends soon.

+you're convinced you're in love with someone who does not respond to simple conversation but you want their admiration and to know more about them...gotta get over that person

Thoughts on:
self-mutilation: Isnt that suicide....Im against that.
abortion: I would never want anyone to get an abortion but I do think its a choice issue, and if youthink about it, masterbation is also killing babies so....
government: I dont like Bush
popular culture: I dont know
body modification: Have no idea
the application: pretty nifty


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