we are not alone..

..we just want to be heard..

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This is the first & only community for males who are going through some sort of eating disorder(s).
Feel free to come here and talk about what you're going through and all the issues that might revolve around it.


For those that do not understand...this means..
(we have nothing against females, we just want you to please respect that we do need a place of our own.)

Respecting one another is a must.
If you have a problem with someone, please go to one of the moderators.

Do Not promote other communities here -or- post quiz's/survey's that have nothing to do with this community.

When you join please fill out the application. So we'll get to know you better. You do not have to add your photo(s) if you do not want to. Also, if you're uncomfortable with some of the questions you are not required to answer all of them.

If you post a large photo or more than one photo please use lj-cut. If you do not know how to use it..
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>>Frequently Asked Questions<<

If you need anyone to talk to when no one is available at the community try contacting one of our members below:
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>>Member Contact Information<<

You can post anything that connects to what the purpose of this community was made for.
Be it information, questions/answers, advice/asking for advice, giving support/needing support, posting photos/poems/writing, your story...anything.
We're here to help one another so don't feel like you might be judged.
This isnt what this community is about.

Please realize this isnt a pro-ana community but we do not judge one another that are going through this.
Most people going through this do not enjoy it.
And even though some people might post tips, it does not mean we encourage it.
We just do not want to cast off people because of what their going through.
Each of us deserves respect no matter how you view this issue.

Moderators:: the_vines & addicts_empathy

-Please type 'Application: Anorexic Boys' in the subject line so that we know you have read the info page.-
(This is to make sure that the rules have been read and also to try to keep this a male community.)

Gender: (Stupid question? Yes. But its to make sure only males are joining.)
Sexual Orientation:
How long have you been struggling with your eating disorder?:
Are you anorexic, bulimic, or both?:
Do you fast? If you have for how long?:
Does anyone know about it?:
Have you ever been hospitalized due to your eating disorder?:
What are your thoughts on eating disorders?:
Who do you look up to / admire?

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