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I see a loss of 1.8 from yesterday. I've lost over twenty pounds since I started my diet in early February. Yet I can feel the flab at my waistband. Disgusting.

I am six feet even and of a medium build. Currently at 144.2 pounds. My first goal is 125, with my minimum at 120. I will almost certainly be tempted to go lower.

What would be your ideal weight on a medium-sized man of 6 feet? And the minimum?

im bacccck.

to those who don't know me, I'm Johnny. I used to be retrokiidx but I decided to start fresh. Hopefully I'm more active on here than I've been in the past. I really need someone to talk to about my eating problems, because I don't have anyone in my life that can relate to my problems. My eating habits are getting worse and worse and I feel it taking over my life. Not a day goes by without me stepping on a scale constantly or feeling like complete crap for the things I eat. Hopefully I can rely on this group for support, I really need it. Feel free to add me here, I'd love to talk to you guys :D

introducing myself

Name: Matthew
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155#, which is the most I have weighed in the past year.
Location: The South
How long have you been struggling with your eating disorder?: Since last summer.
Are you anorexic, bulimic, or both? I alternate between periods of anorexia and non-purging bulimia/binge-eating. Midway through the summer I moved away from my friends to begin graduate school, and in my loneliness I too often turned to food for comfort. I moved here at the lowest weight of my life - 135#, having weighed 225# when I began college - but in the past months I have been in a terrible cycle. I will go into periods of uncontrollable, indulgent, eating, gaining several pounds in a single week. I can never bring myself to purge, so instead I will put myself on intense exercise regimens and fast for days at a time or severely restrict my eating. Until I lose control the next time. I believe that I have a mild case of manic-depression, and I think it is connected to my cycles of fasting and binging. Right now, I have ended a binging phase, and now weigh 155#. I am not happy with who I am right now, and I want to say that I have lost control for the last time. I am beginning a fast today, and will slowly re-introduce small meals into my diet once I am comfortable doing so. I do not know if I will have the willpower to do this, and I hope I will have your support.
Do you fast? If you have for how long?: See above. I will fast for up to three days at a time. I am beginning a new fast today, and I will continue it as long as I can.
Does anyone know about it?: No. But I think that acknowledging my lack of control and my desire to transform my body into something beautiful will give me the motivation I need. So I am counting on the support of this group.
Have you ever been hospitalized due to your eating disorder?: No.
What are your thoughts on eating disorders?: I sympathize with people who feel their disorders control them, because when I enter into the binging part of my cycle I am similarly out of control and I hate it. But I think that anorexia and bulimia can be powerful methods for people to regain control of their bodies and fashion themselves into the type of people they want to be.
Who do you look up to / admire? Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Frederich Nietzsche, Albert Camus - all of these men understood the need to continually overcome themselves and their own weaknesses, to fashion their lives into something worth living and presenting to others.
Photos: To come. I will use them to monitor my progress.

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Name: I prefer to use the name Ira.
Age: 30
Gender: Male by birth, although I prefer an androgynous identity.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual, but celibate.
Height: 6'
Weight: Currently 161.4. I am recovering from my highest weight of 165, with the intention of reaching 125. My lowest weight as an adult was 111.
Location: New York
How long have you been struggling with your eating disorder?: My issues emerged at age eleven.
Are you anorexic, bulimic, or both?: I prefer to consider myself an an individual with anorexia nervosa, as the term anorexic signifies the lack of control. I use my anorexia as a tool to achieve the desires of my person, rather than the anorexia using me to its own ends. I have been bulimic in the past, but have not purged in over a year.
Do you fast? If you have for how long?: When I was an anorexic I would frequently eat nothing for days. However, as I am prone to fainting, I've never fasted more than four consecutive days. Now, I consider a fast to be a day with one small meal. I would rather not risk permanent biological damage that extended fasts may induce.
Does anyone know about it?: Various medical professionals. I am uncertain of anyone else, though it has certainly been obvious in the past.
Have you ever been hospitalized due to your eating disorder?: No. Ambulances have been called for me during fainting spells, but it was never explicitly due to my eating disorder.
What are your thoughts on eating disorders?: I have addressed this above.
Who do you look up to / admire? Sherlock Holmes. Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Lord Byron. Mary Shelley. Nikola Tesla.
Photos: I apologize and plead anonymity.


 I've lost track of time and now everythings fucked up
i havent been on lj in forever :/
im such a failure
i got down to my goal weight for maybe 3 days
and then i got all fat again :(
its really disheartening
im 5' 6-7" and 102 lbs..
ive been single for so long
i thought maybe id find someone to love me once i was down to 90,
but it didnt last..
and now im fat and alone..

this sucks,
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