I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a post about our favorite low cal foods? I know that sometimes I get sick of eating the same things. Plus I get really curous about what everyone else is eating. I will put my favorites behind a cut.

I love this community. I am so happy to have my swing back (or I think I do).


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2 Days with no purging!!That makes me happy. I applied for a job at this little clothing store where I live. Its so cute and they have great things. Nothing makes me want to be thinner than trying on clothes, so if I get the job it will be inspiration not to b/p. Theres not much else (thats what summer does I suppose).



I feel as though I have my swing back, I actually did not b/p today. My goal was 600 calz or less and I had 520. I am so excited. There is something about that number that just makes me happy. Plus I think I am out of the b/p cycle. Arg I hate purging. But I cann't not do it when I binge. Take care!!


I haven't been here in forever! I was wondering if anyone would like to fast with me? I will probably go for 4 days (starting today at midnight). I love fasting, I'm a strange bird but what can I say. Anyhoo take care....
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whatever mom.

"have you been throwing up"
"the toilet's dirty"
"i haven't thrown up in fucking a week"
"you're sick. if you're gonna puke, clean it up"

thank you mother, for making this bad day so much better.
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i have been doing pretty well at restricting, this week. but it seems even the little things i eat (cherry tomatoes, boullion cubes, celery) go straight to my upper arms and thighs.

i try to weigh myself no more than once a week, i find that it helps me to lose weight. instead of obsessing over numbers on the scale, i can more clearly focus on what i see in the mirror. the last time i weighed myself (friday) i was 101. my goal weight is 89, so i'm sure you all know the familiar feeling that i am currently experiencing of being completely disgusted with myself (this is an eating disorder community).

a question for everyone:
what do you find to be your best weightloss strategy (aside from the obvious, not eating)?


Name: Iratxe
Age: 24
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Height: 169 cm
HW: 82 kg
CW: 71 kg
LW: 48 kg
BMI: 24,9
LW BMI: 16.8
ED type: ED-NOS
Have you ever been diagnosed?(no i do not mean by your self or your friend): yes
Would you prefer to look like a skeleton or a model?: in between those two
If capable of remembering, when do you believe the actual actions of your eating disorder started?(ie purging, fasting,binging etc): as far as I can remember, when I was 9 or before...
Pictures: dont have any
Anything else?: not now really, just hi to everyone