*PLUR PRINCESS* (foodistheenemy) wrote in _anoretics,

so yeah
fast is broken cause im a fat w.hore

ive eaten an apple and 10-15 ricecakes and 2 diet cokes today
walked to the shops for my diet coke breakfast again
mum doesnt allow diet coke in the house cause she knows if its arroun, that would beall i would eat.
so i have to go to the shops when shes at work to get a can :<

im never going to loose weight
im going to be fat forever
esepcially if i eat ricecakes and fruit and veg :<
i dont deserve any food

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    please fel free to deleate if it isnt allowed if you have an ED and live in Europe please join ana_in_europe

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    how do i break the plateau? i'm afraid to fast because it will ruin my metabolism. is that the only way to break it?

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    My Food Phone (saw this on the news) https://www.myfoodphone.com/home.aspx

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