lily222 (lily222) wrote in _anoretics,


I am so tired tonight. I'm not sure why, lately I haven't had alot of engergy. As much as I love summer it seems to drain alot of my energy.Anyway I rediscovered fitday today and I love that site. Its so helpfull because it keeps track of everything I want it to. The movie hunger point was on tonight and I love that movie. Its so sad and yet I understand shellie so well. She never really wanted to recover and yet living with an ed, living her life wasn't possible either. The only thing that kind of kicked/tickled my pickle were the pro-ana sites because they weren't in the book. I just realized something this weekend there have been a ton of ed movies on tv, last night there were 2 and today 1. I mean usually there isn't even one on. I wonder why theres been so many on lately. Maybe a conidence? I'm sorry this post is so random. Thats what happens when your tired....
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