we outta here, baby. (leftoff) wrote in _anoretics,
we outta here, baby.

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i'm on the right

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in the blue

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my brothers and i
please excuse my enormous arms, i'll slim them down by next week. promise

i have been doing pretty well at restricting, this week. but it seems even the little things i eat (cherry tomatoes, boullion cubes, celery) go straight to my upper arms and thighs.

i try to weigh myself no more than once a week, i find that it helps me to lose weight. instead of obsessing over numbers on the scale, i can more clearly focus on what i see in the mirror. the last time i weighed myself (friday) i was 101. my goal weight is 89, so i'm sure you all know the familiar feeling that i am currently experiencing of being completely disgusted with myself (this is an eating disorder community).

a question for everyone:
what do you find to be your best weightloss strategy (aside from the obvious, not eating)?

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