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The Next Evolution of Anime Conventions
tare panda

18+ Show.

Sorry to Spam the list with this.  We consider ANext our home con and we hope that even if we aren't your thing you'll help us get the word out.  Thanks!

28th-Jun-2009 04:18 am - AnimeNEXT pictures & video
time jump
I just finished getting the last of my videos from the con online. Maybe I got a picture of you in the con report :)

hey, is anyone interesting in doing a tfcd photoshoot
i am trying to build up the cosplay section in my photography portfolio
if anyone is interested, buzz me back

i will be roaming around the con as harima from school rumble...
11th-Jun-2009 12:47 pm - PJ Party in the 24-hr AA!
So... after having asked this on the forums, a Pajama Party in the 24 hr Artist's Alley is a go! It's being played by ear, but if you're in the 24 AA (or not; I for one don't care) stick around, wear some PJs, play some games and we'll all have a good havoc-free time. :D
If this isn't allowed, then please delete.

I, like a few others if you've been to the AnimeNEXT forums, have been put onto the wait list for this year's Artist's Alley, but I'd like to be able to be a part of the Alley this year rather then just a consumer (like I was last year.)

Under this cut are some potentially important things to know about me if you are considering giving up a little corner of you're table to another artist.Collapse )

So that's pretty much it... I had a blast last year at AnimeNEXT and while I'm sure it'll be fun again this year, I want to do the AA as well. If I for whatever reason get a table, I'll be sharing with someone else who's also looking to occupy some space in the Alley.

Best of luck to everyone and the con this year!
15th-Feb-2009 02:45 pm - Wanted: Full Moon Cosplayers
[Allied Forces] Gather 'Round
I think I'm seriously posting everywhere I can think of about this ^___^'''

Anyway, Anime Frenzy Maniac Studios is doing another skit for the masquerade.
This time around we're doing Full Moon wo Sagashite.

We are in lack of a Meroko and Eichi. The Meroko is desperately needed, but if we
can't get an Eichi, we can deal with it. We are using the manga counterparts of Eichi
and Meroko. Though manga and anime Eichi is pretty much the same. Meroko has
difference in the color scheme of her outfit.

This is gonna be a dance skit so be prepared to get your groove on. Nothing completely
elaborate in terms of dance moves, we'll be making sure everyone in the skit can do their
part, so if you can't do a back bend, that's ok. We'll be working with you. XD

So if you are interested or know someone who is, please let me know. AnimeNEXT is right
around the corner and we need to get further in our production stages, which we can't do
without a Meroko. ^___^'''
Sand Chronicles; Ann love

Just doing a bit of a PSA here to keep people in the comm. informed in case they haven't seen it on www.animenext.org yet. And also to keep the comm. alive lol.

AnimeNEXT 2009's offical hotel, the Double Tree Hotel in Sommerset, has been sold out!
But never fear, there's a second hotel you can get for a great price: The Holiday Inn!
Information is as follows:

Holiday Inn Somerset
195 Davidson Avenue, Somerset, NJ  08873
Tel: 732-356-1700
$119 plus tax (Mention Group Code ANI)

Good luck, everyone!

In addition, some people are trying to get a Maid Cafe approved for AN 09. If you're interested in being a part of it or just curious as to how it's going, join the comm. 

14th-Oct-2008 09:41 am - Is this microphone working...?

This place hasn't been updated since June?

We're going to change that especially since I would like to introduce myself as one of the new maintainers of the community. I, percek , will promise (not exactly,) to bring all the behind the scenes (nope not at all,) up to the minute (month,) lighting quick (turtle racing,) information to you guys regarding Anime NEXT 2009!

You probably already been to the website to know this, but ANXT '09 will be taking place June 12 - 14, 2009 at the Double Tree Hotel, New Jeresy Expo Center, and an additional building soon to be announced in Somerset, New Jersey.

I'll be posting directions from all points soon, keep an eye out and come on! Let's get this community rolling!

Also, the community layout will be going through some changes during the next couple of weeks so please bare with the change of layouts and such.</lj>
agent may is unimpressed
According to the Countdown thread on the forum, we are now at 12 days until AnimeNEXT and I thought I'd remind you all that if you haven't purchased a membership yet, you can no longer pay for one by credit card or check because we will only be accepting cash for at-the-door registration:

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