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Kami-heaven's sale, cds and merch 
07:18pm 29/11/2014
venta 1

Hi guys, I'm Kami-heaven,I'm looking to sell a some cds and merch from Prince of Tennis, Hakuoki and Hetalia.

I only accept Paypal and I will ship internationally.

description and prices in my livejournal: here

Thanks for looking and kind regards :)


***haikyuu!! water-in collection box split***  
03:07pm 26/11/2014

Hello!! I'm doing a box split of the Haikyuu water-in straps! For more information and to get a strap, please go here or copy and paste this link:   http://pgm246.livejournal.com/4080.html
thanks! :)


Animanga Virtual Trading Card Game! 
11:51am 26/10/2014

tcg_exchange is a virtual animanga trading card game! It's a game of pixel collecting goodness! ♥ Master decks, trade virtual cards with other players, and collect cool badges! Members can earn cards by participating in the communities affiliated with the game. That's all there is to it - it's a pixel card collecting game, and you earn cards by participating in the affiliated communities! Sign up!


Selling Kuroko no Basket Mini Figures and DRRR Doujinshi!  
07:24pm 21/09/2014
  Hi guys,
I’m currently having a duplicated box of Kuroko no Basket Mini Figures that I accidently placed the order last week. And now, I’d like to make a sell listing for it J
The box did cost me a lot so I decided to sell them back in order getting what I paid for it. Which means the price will be the same price as I bought them J
I only accept Paypal.
I ship internationally.
Please pm or comment me :)
All these figures are BRAND NEW and SEALED with a small plastic bag for each one.
Character figures: Kuroko - Kagami - Aomine - Kise(2) - Akashi - Hyuga PRICE: $10/ EACH
DRRR doujinshi: http://yyilu.livejournal.com/4836.html
Here is the actual figures of Mido – Takao that I’ve sold for my friend, and she agve me the feedback photo when she opened them J



Any Nana fans here? 
07:59pm 10/08/2014
  Hi Peeps^^

I have the entire Nana DVD series for sale. All of the DVDs are in very good to near new condition and watched only once! I would be looking for offers between £35-£40 ideally. This doesn't include shipping but for uk buyers I can guarantee it will not be more than £10 to 2nd Class Signed For delivery.

If you would like to see photos or require more information, ease feel free to contact me via LJ or at my email Lucyjackson1987@gmail.com

Kind regards


Death Note DVDS with Collectable Figures Reduced Price 
10:14pm 02/08/2014
  Hi Everyone,

I am looking to sell a complete Death Note collection for £60 (not including sipping).

This is the original complete series from Japan. Due to this there are no subs available in any of the DVDs. Included in this collection are the following:

• 13 DVDs (1-13)

• 13 accompanying toys that were released with each DVD including the Death King, Ryuk, Rem, L, Light, Misa, Near, Mello & Jealous. All are boxed and have never been opened. They also come with their own stands.

• Each DVD includes a poster and a postcard with a unique picture per item.

One of the DVD cases has slight damage at the bottom, however it is still functional as a case and minor. If you wish to see more of the dvds and posters or for any other questions please email me at lucyjackson1987@gmail.com or visit my ebay:


The asking price is £75 for members at live journal

Kind Regards



Selling lots of Pokemon/Zelda and anime related things! 
07:36pm 06/07/2013
  Selling lots of Pokemon/Zelda and anime related things! Check them out on my journal!: http://urahameshi.livejournal.com/2357.html  


Selling Trading Cards 
09:37pm 19/06/2013
  Hello everybody! I'm selling some trading cards from different series: Naruto, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Zelda etc... If anyone is interested please check my journal http://urahameshi.livejournal.com/

I'll be updating later with more cards, figures and videogames.

Thanks :)


[DURARARA Doujin Sale] Izaya x Shizuo Doujin SALE  
09:24pm 31/05/2013
  Hi guys,
I'd like to sell this doujin because I didn't pay attention about the pairing order when buying it TTvTT yes, it's IZAYA x SHIZUO .....
Right now, I just can say that I'm able to to ship in US only :(
BUT, if you are in other countries and feel interested in this doujin also, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ME . I may try to ship this one to you as best as I can. ( I'm really afraid to ship to other countries, sorry about this weird reason)
I only accept Paypal
If you want to look inside, please ask :)
Name: Sincere Eats the Quich
Circle: Racca
Rating: R-18
Condition: EXCELLENT (only read once)
Price: $17
*because it's still new, so I really want to find the one would cherish it more TTvTT*

Ps: you can inbox my LJ or : quynhy@gmail.com



Downloads and Others  
04:09am 10/08/2012
  So I've created a blog simply to upload stuff for other who might need it :) I, as a member of a lot of fandoms, know how hard it is to look for sites where you can find what you need so I hope this little something might be able to help you guys :)

I've just opened it so there are still only a few upload but you can find some episodes, calendars, volume covers and OSTs :) Check out!



In need of advice 
05:01pm 13/06/2012
mood: hopeful
Hi everyone!

I just joined this community, and I wanted to ask for some advice. I live in Australia, in a rural town. The DVD shops where I live do sell anime, but a very limited selection. I have bought a lot of my anime online, but even the Australian site I usually use (dvdorchard) doesn't stock some of the titles I really want, like Azumanga Daioh, the Revolutionary Girl Utena series, and sub-only titles like Strawberry Panic and Simoun.

Does anyone know of any reliable, trustworthy sites where I can purchase these? I know that I probably won't be able to buy Utena or the sub-only titles as Region 4 DVDs, but any advice or help on this topic would be awesome. :)


Anime Stuffs for sale 
03:20pm 13/05/2012
  Hi, I'm selling some extra anime stuffs that I have. Here's the list of my goods & their respective prices:

Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Cards $25
Death Note (Amane Misa) $18
Death Note (Light Yagami) $18
ANIME NOTEBOOKS (cover samples) $12 each (former price is $16)
-notebook size is 8"x6.5" -

Death Note-Amane MisaDesu NotoAP1
Just send me a personal message if you're interested.
For serious buyers only. Thank You


The Secret Coconut Multifandom Fanfic Exchange: An Anime-Friendly Fest 
02:34pm 22/08/2011
  The Secret Coconut is an anime-friendly fanfic exchange hosted at stseiya_fanfics. You can request fanfics in any fandom you wish, as long as you're able to write stories in at least one of our Featured Fandoms. All characters, pairings and genres are welcome. :-) Fics only need to be 800 words long--although longer stories are much appreciated too.

Our list of Featured Fandoms includes the following anime/manga series: Yu Yu Hakusho; Sailor Moon; Rurouni Kenshin; Saint Seiya; Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica; Fullmetal Alchemist; Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome; Shoujo Kakumei Utena; Noir; Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha; Versailles no Bara; Magic Knight Rayearth; Skip Beat!; Card Captor Sakura.

This fic exchange offers all participants the possibility to choose their own assignments, as long as they act fast when the prompt claiming phase begins. Please click here for more details, rules and the exchange's full schedule. Then, click here to sign up and submit your prompts. If you're curious, you can also click here to see what our participants have been requesting. You'll find many anime fic prompts over there.

If you like the idea of exchanging fanfics with other anime/manga fans in a friendly environment, consider signing up for the Secret Coconut. Hope to see you there! ^__^


Final Fantasy Doujinshi, Tidus x Yuna, Irvine x Selphie, Squall x Irvine 
11:18am 27/05/2011

I am willing to bargain!

I am selling my doujinshi collection, as in books, and not a CD!

Tidus x Yuna, Irvine x Selphie, Squall x Irvine, 

and misc. serious stories and gags - doujinshi by big circles like

Red Wing,  Maverix, Chata Tachibana, Amaru Sempu, Jagirl, D-AMB, etc. These are actual doujinshi books and not a CD of images.



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One Piece Doujinshi for sale, various fandoms 
01:50pm 26/05/2011

I am willing to bargain!

I am selling my doujinshi collection, as in books, and not a CD!

Luffy x Nami, Zoro x Tashigi, Zoro x Nami and misc. serious stories and gags - doujinshi by big circles like Koonami, COA ,Emotional Q, Hide and Seek, T-Cell, Juri Ohmi , etc. These are actual doujinshi books and not a CD of images.


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Bleach Doujinshi Ichigo x Rukia, Renji x Rukia, Renji x Ichigo, Gin x Rangiku 
03:21pm 24/05/2011
I'm willing to get down to your asking price :)

Ichigo x Rukia, Renji x Rukia, Renji x Ichigo, Gin x Rangiku and misc. serious stories - doujinshi by big circles like Kaguya, Honey Canon,  Zanzibar, Angel Service, etc. These are actual doujinshi books and not a CD of images.


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(1 people love anime!| anime..?)

Fullmetal Alchemist Doujinshi Ed x Winry, Roy x Riza, Ed x Roy 
09:25pm 23/05/2011

I'm willing to get down to your asking price :)

Ed x Win,  Roy x Riza, Roy x Ed and serious stories - doujinshi by big circles like NOT, IDEA, Kingin, Kyarana, Chiho and Job, Penguin Taitaiden, etc.

All cover pictures inside, follow the cut/link!


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145 + doujinshi for sale, many het pairings! Bleach, FMA, GS, more! 
05:05pm 21/05/2011

I'm willing to get down to your asking price :)

Hello guys, thank you for letting me be part of this community. I have some books I am interested in selling.

I will post pictures of all of my books after the cut below. There are round 145 + covers of doujnshi ranging from Bleach, OP, Gundam Seed Destiny, FMA, Inuyasha, Howl's Moving Castle, Gankotsuou Final Fantasy 8 and 10 etc.

Most books revolve around romance between heterosexual pairings such as Ed x Winry, Athrun x Cagalli, Renji x Rukia, Luffy x Nami, Zoro x Tashigi,  Irvine x Selphie etc. But there are allot of gags/serious stories/and even some yaoi in there as well like Renji x Ichigo and Roy x Ed (if the art alone interested me).

Allot of these books are hard finds and I had to dwell into yahoo Japan to get them.

If you are interested in any of them, or a few, please drop me a line with an offer mbobe[at]syr[dot]edu

I accept paypal payments, well concealed cash or money orders.  Shipping discounts available + International Shipping!

Note: Not all books are pictured below, click on the photobucket link to view  bigger covers, fandom info and individual book descriptions.


Allot more Bleach books, serious stories and special anthologies such as a Shuuhei only  200 + page book. Also some Gankutsuou, Yugi-oh and  Star Wars, etc. Feel free to ask for some inside scans of the books below.



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Doujinshi Collection 160+ books allot of Het pairings 
03:32pm 20/04/2011
  Hello guys, thank you for letting me be part of this community. I have some books I am interested in selling.

I'm willing to get down to your asking price , $8-25 per book :)

I will post pictures of all covers under the cut. 160 books range from Bleach, OP, Gundam Seed Destiny, FMA, Inuyasha, Howl's Moving Castle, Gankotsuou Final Fantasy 8 and 10 etc.

More info and individual covers after the cut.

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06:20am 15/04/2011
  So i rarely post now. Its funny. Cuz everytime somethings comes up i feel like posting. But now im going through boughts of depression here and there. Because of that i dont feel like doing anything. But a lot has been going on. Been super busy and it sux cuz whenever i get depressed i just go into hibernation mode. But because ive been so busy i couldnt and that just stresses me out more. Anyway. Enough of the rambling right.

I went to my friends wedding last weekend. It was okay. I saw my old friend with his girlfriend that hates me. It was weird because he acted like nohing happened and that we were just talking yesterday and everything. But i couldnt be fake like that. Of course i was super friendly. But i offered a handshake instead of a hug. And his girl was cordial but only to the point she had to be. And whats worse is that my friend put me at the table with her, her parents, her brother and her brother fiance. Like sitting with her wasnt awkward enough. Please, seat me with the whole family why dont you.

So the day before yesterday i got into a argument with my friend (who was the groom from the wedding i went to). His wife, him and me are suppose to go to disneyland together and i was telling him i think i was going to fly. So for some reason he thought i was telling him to fly there too instead of driving. So i told him I was just letting him know my plans just in case he was budgeting me in for gas and the car rental. Then out of no where he starts saying ENOUGH. I was like what??? I asked him why he was getting so mad. I as just telling him my plans (as friends do anyways). And his response was ENOUGH!!! Stop trying to change our plans. Again i had this huge question mark on my forehead. And then he tells me that im overpaying and implies im retarded. He says im crazy to think he would pay 300 per person. So now im getting truly irritated so i was like forget it. So i explain to that 300 per person is a third less then what hes paying and then he gets mad cuz he figures out hes wrong. Hes one of those hard headed people that just doesnt drop it. He has to hammer the nail until i say hes right. I tell him whatever. Just drop it. This is why i stopped hanging with him hella years ago. i told him i dont really feel like going with him so lets just drop it. Then he say FUCK YOU and FUCK OFF. And dont ever call me and my wife again. I just said okay. Then he says thats why u dont have any friends. Then i thought to myself to start talking shit but i just let it go. True i dont really have many friends but its okay. All i really need is one or 2 really good ones and im happy. This isnt highschool where we are trying to win a popularity contest. And to top it off this is the guy no one thought would get married an everyone asked this guys wife why she is marrying him. And not jokingly. Hard to believe but true. And they ask right in front of him. Maybe thats why i felt kinda irritated at the last comment. Its like calling the kettle black.

His wife was actually telling me about this problem a few weeks ago and i told her that was why we were all were surprised when we found out u wanted to marry him. Shes only been with him a year and a few months. I dont know why they rushed into marriage. She shouldve waited atleast 2 or 3 years. They are already in their mid 30s and dont plan on having any kids so i dont know what the rush was. She might end up regreting this. For some reason i really thought he changed. But i guess he didnt. Anyway another friend crossed off the list. I keep playing the conversation over in my head and i try to look for where i went wrong but i think this wouldve happened eventually anyway. I can only keep my cool so long.

That day was a bad day in general. My train ticket didnt work in the morning and the station agent didnt want to help me then i got into it with another station agent at the ticket booth who told me to come back after i got my tickets stamped. So i got them stamped and then she didnt want to exchange them. Then i find out my friends nephew got more ill. It was a very off day that day.

My friends nephew ended up passing away. Super sad. He was only 5. Brain cancer, i dont know if you guys remember. But he passed away at home. I feel bad for my friend. So i have to go to the visitation and the mass. Ill probably just go to the visitation. I feel bad for saying this (if cant be honest on LJ where can i be) but i dont really want to go. I want to go for angelo but im scared ill say the wrong thing or ill smile or something. I dont want to hurt anyones feelings and i dont want to be insensitive. Ive never been to any of these things and like im kinda emotionally detached.

On a lighter note im thinking of getting a turle. A razorback musk turtle. Im going to alter my tank so i can have a turtle. I changed my tank around a little. I still havent bought proper lighting so ill do that first. Then ill plant lots of plants. then the plan is to get the turtle. Im just curious about the compatibility of my turlte with my fish. Well i still have my 20g so if they dont get along ill just move the turtle so not a big deal. Ill take some pics if you guys want to see updated ones. Maybe ill post some later 2day.

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