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The Anime Art Center

Anime Banners, Icons, "Friend's Only" pics, etc.
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Hello and welcome to the anime graphics community. This community is for designers a requesters of anime icons, banners, "Friend's Only" pics, color bars, and more. This is a new community and it may take some time to grow. Please don't let this discourage you about joining. I feel it will grow fairly quickly. Here are the rules.


In General-
[x]No bashing, flame wars, etc. If you don't like it, ignore it!
[x]This is an anime community. I don't mind some non-anime graphics, not too many please.
[x]I will allow four advertisements for other communities per week. If you are not able to post before then, I will add you to the Waiting List and you will get first dibs the next week.

[x]All entries can have a maximum of three teasers. The rest must be behind a lj-cut, unless they're very few pics.
[x]Anything is acceptable, just nothing too explicit, insulting, etc. You know what's right and wrong.
[x]Contest will be held. If you are entering work into this contest, please state that in the subject line of the post.
[x]Not required but please list a summary of what you have created.

[x]Please be specific in your request. If you would like a certain designer to design it, please state so, if not, it's first come first serve.
[x]Do not insult work.
[x]You are aloud to vote in voting contest.
[x]Follow the designers instructions for taking.
[x]Comment if taking