Senjou Kei (keiiki) wrote in _anime_graphic_,
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  • 23 Twitter Icons (Kaichou wa maid sama!, cats and a hamster)

    Icons 200x200 made for Twitter or your another favorite site! ♥ Examples: HERE

  • (no subject)

    [15] Gossip Girl, [8] Leighton Meester, [1] Lost, [1] Lucy Hale, [23] Once Upon A Time, [3] Pretty Little Liars, [5] Slam Dunk, [12] The Secret…

  • (no subject)

    First time posting here :D 24 100x100 icons for LJ/DW/Tumblr etc. 14 128x128 icons for Twitter 14 195x195 icons for Plurk (They're all Sailor…

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