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_angels_fall's Journal

The Town at the End of the World...a Collaboration
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Angels Fall; the little town just short of the end of the world, population unknown. Feel free to settle here; make yourself at home. You've come here for a reason, after all...

[_angels_fall is a writers' community based around the idea of a town at the end of the world that draws people who perhaps didn't quite fit anywhere else. If you'd care to join, post a snippet introducing your character. If you have any questions about the scenario, or anything else to do with the community, you can get hold of a moderator over at my own lj at dietcokebreak. We are always looking for new writers and characters.]

Just a few posting rules:

[1]if you're posting a LONG entry, please, for the sake of everyone's friends pages, lj-cut :)

[2] if you want to 'insert' a character into a scenario which another writer has created, i.e, school, library, diner, etc, and mean for them to interact with a character who is already there then please make sure you draw the player's attention in some way...put the character's name in the subject line, for example.

[3]Please, communicate - check before you do something with someone else's characters...you can refer here to see character details. We ask that all characters get registered with a character sheet completed, so that all the writers may have an easy reference.

[4]At present, all new members are asked to keep to a three character maximium; this will be subject to change in the future.

Characters already in play, actively:

casiturn - Ms Myrtle Peabody: Formerly Alive, friend of the Willowbrook family; Marissa Farfalle - also Formerly Alive, Willowbrook twins' sister-in-law

corruptedlust - Ren: Nimue's Significant Other

dietcokebreak - Cornelius E. Rutherford, Jr: Angels Fall's resident Drunk, Poet and Church Sexton // Amelia Holloway: New Teacher in the English/Literature department // Luc: a Devilishly Clever Attorney // Dennis Houston: High School Student and Football Player // Marianne Houston: Novelist and Mother of Dennis

eudaimon - Nimue Finch: Tarot Card Reader/Fortune Teller

jenlittlebottom - June: Sees Ghosts

kerendith - Benjamin Greenberg-O'Leary: Widower and Pet Owner // Theresa Aoki: Deceased Wife of Benjamin // Desmond: Proprietor of Asha's Tea Shop // Maddalena: Desmond's "neice"

mistdog - Tomislav Jakowska: Plumber, and Resident of the Church that Isn't // Basil Morobo: Landlord of Rosemary Place

tsuki_oni - Daniel Logan: Counterman at 'Dave's Diner' // Father William Patrick Hannigan: Town's Spiritual Guidance//Nora Nance: owns Annabelle's Second Chance (and Annabelle, her pet Cat) // Timothy: Nora's Young Cousin // The Lighthouse Men:the Tall Man, the Plump Man, and The Other

wordsmith9 - Ruth Willowbrook and Elsabeth Stillwater: Twin Sisters Well-Versed in Magicks

(There are five characters at this time who have no one particular owner: Doc Brown, Doris, Dave from the diner, Emmaline Winters and Gabriel Murphy.)

Characters no longer actively played by their creators:

Andrew: Widower and Medical Student
Becka Thompson: High School Student, Native of Angels Fall
Eldritch: New Arrival and Writer
Etty: Hitchhiker and new Arrival
Melodie: Newly arrived Teenager with a Past
Prairie and her infant daughter Anna
Sym (Symphony): Young Woman with Connection to Etty
Tashir: Town Librarian
Vashti Khayyam, and her son Jaime: who ran away with No Shoes on her Feet

Archived Characters no longer in play:
Stanton Andrews: Advanced English/Literature teacher & Swim team coach
William "Will" Mathews: Student, swimmer, has a thing for his teacher, Mr. Andrews
Gwen Mathews: Will's mother
Zack & Ben: Newcomers

Parts of Angels Fall which we know exist:
Places downtown:
The High School.
The Library.
Dave's Diner.
Annabelle's Second Chance (junk/thrift store).
Murphy's Pub.
The Medical Clinic.
The Dream Shop.
The Shop with Blue Velvet Curtains.
More residential:
Coriander Place Apartments.
Rosemary Place Apartments.
Willowbrook House.
The Chapel, Rectory and Caretaker's apartment.
On the outskirts of town:
June's cottage.
The unfinished Church on Old Mill Road.
The Churchyard adjacent to the Old Church.
The Lighthouse.

The moderator of this community is: dietcokebreak