Is there a doctor in the house?

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Dan hushed Nora's worried sounds as she began to cry at the sight of her young nephew. His tiny limbs were flailing slightly and his fists clenched tightly. His eyelids fluttered to reveal that the boy's eyes were rolled all the way back into his head. He was bleeding from the mouth and over and over a sound that was not quite a word leaked forth. It sounded to Nora like imps repeated over onto itself so that it became more of a hissing from the bleeding lips of the incapacitated boy. Dan noticed that the diner was quite crowded and hoped that someone there would know a doctor to call.

Immediately, the three were approached by concerned throngs and the place was buzzing with activity. The Willowbrook ladies somehow cut through the crowd immediately and begin to lay their hands upon the child. Looking to Nora, Ruth asks, "May we help?"

Nora nods but Dan searches the room for someone else. His eyes fall on Old Doc Brown who is making his way through the concerned citizens to the boy. His eyes meet Dan's and the doctor steps up to the boy.

"Can you help him?", Dan asks the doctor with a little uncertainty. At once room is made for the boy in the back of the diner and order is enforced with only the elderly twins and the town's doctor hovering over the injured child.

The doctor begins his examination of the child with the aide of the twins. The boys body shakes and trembles and then suddenly the quakes end and the boy's eyes flip open staring blankly towards his attendants.

His mouth utters guttural sounds in a voice clearly not his own... "N'yarlothotepp q'el irrish nye"

Tim ( and his terrors...

Tim was a boy-like shape covered in a writhing black mass that resembled nothing so much as a piece of discarded meat covered in piles of hungry maggots and flies.The young boy was being weighted down with the thousands of tearing pincers and feral claws and razor sharp prehensile tentacles of the spawn. Covered in the foulish and acrid ichor that discharged from each of thousands of limbs, his skin burned and his eyes were clenched as tightly as he could in a wince of fear and pain. He had fought back but Tim's luck was run out. The imps had him and he was surely lost to the pain and the whisperings...

He was tugged down further and further until he was sinking beneath the blackened earth and through his clenched eyes he could still see a beaconing greenish glow. Suddenly all of the pain eased and half-buried in blood-drenched earth but released from the clutches of the imps. He could see 'someone'. It was a woman floating above the gilded greenish domes and grey hills of his dreamscape and she had skin so black that she was like looking at the night itself. Her eyes were as bright as stars in that night. The flood of green was from something around her neck. It looked like to Tim's tired mind...maybe a key. She spoke...

Her voice was like a gentle song and reassuring and though it sounded like gibberish to his ears, his heart knew the words...

and then somehow he also knew her name. It was "Nye".

A phone call to the Lightbearer

continued from the following events.

The mayor was sitting in his office staring at his computer screen, drafting and editing a brief that he would submit to the court tomorrow. It was a simple enough thing to write, but not something that he felt particularly like passing on to one of his assistants. It helped keep his mind off what might be going on at the Lighthouse. Losing someone as important as Basil Morobo to those Three was not in The Plan. A storm cloud of emotions passed over his face and his eyes crackled like lightening as he tried to keep his mind clear and focus on the brief.

The ringing of his telephone interrupted his train of thought. When it wasn't answered after the first two rings, he realised that it was his personal line that was ringing. He picked up the receiver cautiously.

'Yes?' He answered the phone with as little emotion as possible.Collapse )

There was a sharp intake of breath on the other end and then the line went silent. "And I have sent three innocents out to fight this. Three innocents."

He snorted, "Your over-confidence and false pride have betrayed you yet again, Emmaline. If we are going to save your young innocents, you need to start working with me. Otherwise, it will be you, and only you, who are responsible for their fates."

He waited for her reply.

A new character, which will hopefully lead to another story in Angels Fall

Dennis Houston was dropped home from football practice at the usual time, right before dinner. He walked around to the back of the Cape that he shared with his mother and a dog named Juno and found the back door, as it typically was, unlocked. He put down his backpack in the mudroom, hung up his varsity letter jacket, calling out, "Hey Mom! I am home."

"In here!" came the call back from the kitchen, where something was most definitely burning.

He walked into the kitchen with a bemused look on his face. "Okay, so what are we not having for dinner tonight, Mom?"

"We are not having tuna and scalloped potato casserole," she grumbled as she pulled the blackened dish out of the oven and deposited it straight into the sink.

"What was it this time? Another murder? Or a kidnapping??"

"Nothing quite so diobolical," she replied as she turned on the water. "In fact, this time, it was a love scene. I am sorry about burning the dinner, honey, but when the muses decide to pay a visit, I need to get it all typed out before it is gone forever."

Dennis towered over his mother at the sink, giving her a peck on the top of her head. "I suppose that my dinner is a small price to pay for the 'great American novel.'" She splashed water from the sink in his general direction. He laughed, "Want me to call out for pizza?"

"Ugh, I don't know if I could handle that another night this week. Why don't we head down to the diner for a burgers and shakes?"

"I dunno. It looked pretty busy when Charlie and I drove by on the way home. How about Chinese, then?"

She made a face, "I could do without all that MSG, but what if we went out for Indian?"

He smiled broadly, "Sounds great to me! Can I drive?"

[Writer's note: I hope that people will want to join in this side story; the main plot has me blocked at the moment. Some thoughts I had about potential plot lines-- 1. cool happenings at the Indian restaurant 2. actual muses inspiring the novelist mother, whose name is Marianne, BTW 3. scenes with teens, either on sports teams or at the high school, perhaps even sneaking into Murphy's... What do you all think?? New writers, this is a great place to get involved if you have been trepedatious about joining in the other plot!!]
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Amelia and Tash get a move on

continued from here:

Amelia and Tashir walked closely together in silence the few blocks from the Library to the Diner. Amelia was clearly troubled, keeping her head straight in front of her and eyes down, but Tashir wasn't certain what exactly was bothering her. From the scene at the Library, it hadn't seemed that Amelia had even begun to review the empty books. Then again, perhaps she had caught a glimpse of his "visitor," but he wasn't quite sure.

And she certainly wasn't saying anything. The teacher and the librarian had had numerous interactions since she first arrived in Angels Fall, but he always got the feeling that she was holding something back, that her reserve was more than simple aloofness, that there was something very sinister in her background. But she had never taken him into her confidence; in fact, he was unsure that she had ever taken anyone in the town into her confidence. Then again, neither had he.

They crossed the intersection in front of the diner, Amelia addressed the Librarian, not lifting her eyes from the pavement, "Look, she is my sister. She died. They all died, and it was my fault. Not directly, but I was the catalyst. And now I am here; she and I are BOTH here."

Tash turned his head to look at her for a brief moment before turning away. He shrugged his shoulders, addressing her indirectly, "It could have been worse, you know. She could be worse; trust me, I have seen it. Enraged spirits, lost souls. A lot of things pass through that Library, and I end up seeing it all... A lot of what they tell me is a load of crap though. The thing is not to lose yourself."

They paused on the corner outside the Diner and turned to face each other. "Tash, she told me that I am not supposed to be here. What am I doing getting involved in this "great cause"? Here I am, wasting precious time when I should be figuring a way for us to get out!" He sighed and put a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Are any of us really supposed to be here? Probably not, even those of us who are born here. But we are here, and we need to do what we can to protect this place. This is the right thing to be doing, Amelia; I know it."

He opened the door to the Diner and held the door for her to enter.

Theresa speaks to the twins

Continues from here.

Theresa began to speak, slowly and almost gently. "I realize that you both have sources of information that are more knowledgeable and helpful than I can be, but I discovered a... A sort of talent, I suppose, earlier today. I can read the history of things, especially very charged things. Clumsily, but... Well. Now's probably not the time to indulge in scientific curiosity. This town keeps shifting, as though a supernatural earthquake is coming, or beginning. I was... rattled, earlier, so I made Benjamin come with me on a walk around town.

"I'm not sure how many people are aware of it, but there are at least a dozen objects that have been useful in past, um, battles, scattered in houses around town. There are also several objects that reek of... Not evil, exactly, but hopelessness and despair. They aren't dark, but they seem to swallow light. None of them have been used in decades. The current owners—of both sorts of things—are ignorant of either the pieces' existence or true use, but at least some other beings probably are not. They have higher priorities at the moment, but soon they'll seek out those pieces, either to destroy them or to pervert them, and... You know what they'll do to the owners, the descendents of the original protectors.

"I... I don't know what can be done, but somehow those people must be protected, and as many of the powerful objects as possible should be gathered somewhere... safer. I tried to bind a few of the grey things, because they seem to be affecting the people who own them quite deeply, but that sort of thing isn't one of my gifts, and I get the sense that even the strongest of the dead couldn't bind them fast." She paused. "I thought, perhaps, the two of you might know... might have some idea..."
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I think that I am hereby withdrawing my membership of the community. I am so pleased with what has come of my idea, but I keep getting the two versions of the town mixed up in my head, and i feel that it is time to draw the line. Tashir can be added to list of characters who ware there but don't really belong to anyone at all.

Thankyou. It's been lovely.

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The collected vision of Angels Fall

Someone had asked a while back for the whole story to be put together in one document so that it could be printed and easily read.

The whole thing ends up being 121 pages in Palatino 10 so I think it MIGHT be easier to just read the whole thing on line, but if you do want a copy in Word, please e-mail me at and I will send it to you...
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A really long one about Amelia and Tashir and someone else

Continued from here

After she left Willowbrook House, promising the sisters to catch up with them as soon as she could, Amelia Holloway hightailed it into the center of town. It wasn't very far to walk, but her bag was heavy, and it took her just under an hour before she made it to the Library.

When she got there, Tash was sitting behind the circulation desk engrossed in what Amelia immediately recognized as a Norton Anthology.

"Anybody in?"
"Hey girl," he said, turning to face her.

Dropping her bag to the floor, she immediately confronted him, "Okay so what's it the deal with these mysterious books that seem to be un-writing themselves?"

Tashir finished reading the page he was working on, put his bookmark in place and closed the book on the desk. "Good afternoon to you, too," he said seriously.

Amelia checked herself, "Sorry. I didn't mean to be so rude. It is just that..."

'Mysteriously vanishing text doesn't happen every day?'Collapse )

Their discussion was interrupted by Tashir bursting into the main reading room. Amelia covered the key with her hand so that he couldn’t see it. "Amelia, this is going to have to wait. We need to get down to the Diner pronto." When Amelia turned her attention back to Greta, her sister had already vanished.
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Tim tries to keep away from the terrors...

Young Tim's trials with the terror of the "Other" with brief mention of Dan and Nora...following what happened here.

Ferocious and feral the nightmare shapes chased Tim. Their teeth gnashed and blood-red strings of salivia fell from their dagger fangs. He had told the shadows all he knew of the key but they kept coming. The ground shifted and rose so that he was never more than a few quick steps ahead of the wolves and they were huge and as dire as anything he had ever seen. Some of the creatures were lupine but some were small and spidery but they all possesed furry mouths full of blackish,bloodied spittle and razor sharp teeth. There was no moon to the night in Timothy's fitful unrest and he could not completely remember how long he had been running or what had happened to him after the voices on the stair.

He had felt the clasp of a cold hand around his mouth. He had tried a few hard blows with the hockey stick but the first one never connected and the second seemed to pass through the figure like he was not standing there at all and hit the wall hard enough to break it. He bit the hand and it tasted acrid and filthy like sucking pennies. He broke away but only for a moment and before he knew it he was being held down on the floor a body above him pressing down and his head hurt as if it had been split down the middle...and then the wolves and the chasing and thousands of questions barraging his brain demanding to know about the skeleton key and about his cousin,Nora and about so many things. All the while, the whispers were threatening to hurt Nora and to kill Timmy's mother and to make it very painful and slow.

Timmy's eyes streamed tears. He knew the voice was not lying and he knew there was no escaping the imps...with a braveness that he did not know he had he turned on the creatures. His heart trembled and his body felt slack and weak. There was a tangle of ripping flesh and pounding little fists. He had to escape. He had to help his mother. He had to help 'Aunt Nora'.

Dan made his way up the stairs toward the scratching sound. He had made Nora stay just outside the shop in case whatever had done this was still inside. He grabbed a broken hockey stick from one of the upper steps and walked carefully into the apartment. The lights were out and the only sound was a quiet scratching like an animal clawing at wood. Dan walked toward the noise which he now realized came from Nora's closet. Dan was prepared for anything but all he found was a small boy tucked in the very back corner. His eyes were rolled back into his tiny head and his hands were clutched into the flesh of Annabelle,the cat. The cat suffered the boys clawing and reared her back and spat when Dan approached as if she was trying to protect the boy. When the cat saw it was Dan she ran down the hallway and darted down the stairs. Unfortunately,the cat had been too late to protect the boy and he seemed as if he was in a seizure. His tiny limbs flailing and his teeth bit into his lower lip and over and over the same words rolling out of his mouth... "impsimpsimps..." in bloody spurts and then the boy fell still. Dan picked him up with great care. He carried him down the stairs and out of this darkness. He had to get him some help. He had to get him to a doctor. Something was over the boy. Something had him. Dan just hoped it wasn't too late.