It's just a ride. (tsuki_oni) wrote in _angels_fall,
It's just a ride.

And the story continues from here and here.

The sky took a yellow taint. The air was thick with a smell so sweet that it was sickening. It was a mix of ozone and something dead and rotting. The clouds drifted across the sky as if in fast forward. People were bustling along in a quick but jerky way as if they were in time-elapsed film-strip from a fifth grade science class but all the buildings leered over the scene like limbs over a dark forgotten path. People tried not to look to closely at the ones they passed but offered quick greetings. It had been a few days since the meeting at the diner. No one wanted to mention what was talked about or the plans that were made. No one wanted to admit what had been decided that night. The Fall seemed to shimmer and something in the distance about to disappear beneath the tide.

Tim laid still. His eyes pushed from side to side under their lids. Nora sat beside him. She wondered just where Timmy was and what his dreams might hold. His mumbling had abated. His tender little flesh was an odd flaxen colour. His delicate body seemed almost ethereal. He seemed to be slowly fading out of this existence. Nora tucked the blanket to his chin and wished she could remember what was happening.
Her mind was drifting and everything from the last week seemed like it had happened a million years ago and to someone else entirely. It was a barely remembered nightmare. It was a horror story heard in childhood.

What was happening? What was happening to The Fall? It's inhabitants seemed more like shades or shadows projected onto a shaking sheet as it blows in the wind. No one seemed to realize just what was coming to be in their town. Except Tim he heard her voice. Her voice was like a gentle song and reassuring and though it sounded like gibberish to his ears, his heart knew the words...

"Nye",he whispered. "Nye has the key"

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