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Reunited, and it feels so good.

continues this storyline

Amelia let out a sigh, not of frustration, but of acceptance, and passed through the door that Tashir held open for her.

The diner was abuzz with activity. Some sort of muffled anxiety was going on towards the back, and people were fussing over someone lying prone on the ground. She immediately prickled, wanting to keep her distance, and while her companion went to see if he could be of assistance, she approached a seat at the counter next to her old mentor, Cornelius E. Rutherford, Jr., who was in the process of cleaning a generous serving of apple pie ala mode off his plate. He looked at her and blanched. Dropping his fork, he reached for his napkin and straightened his hairpiece, the motions of practiced ettiquette.

She was so tired suddenly, tired of Angels Fall and of this grand mission to save the community from who knows what. She had wanted to retreat from the world here, not get involved, and yet that seemed to be what was happening to her like it or not.

Reverting to his old habit of formal politeness, the professor started to get up from his seat, but she put her hand on his arm, indicating that the gesture wasn't necessary, and climbed up onto the stool next to his. Ever attentive at her post behind the counter, Doris placed a mug in front of Amelia and poured a fresh cup of dark coffee with a fluid gesture. It always impressed Amelia how Doris never seemed to spill a drop.

Amelia picked up her mug and toasted her old teacher, "Can't say I am happy to see you here, Professor, but I am happy to see you."

He returned the greeting with a smile and raised his mug to hers. "Likewise, my dear, likewise."

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