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the inaugral post of a couple of new old residents of the Fall, co-written by myself and corruptedlust

Nimue took another long swallow of her ice-water, humming to herself as she stared out of the window, waiting, waiting, waiting, until Ren stepped through the door, braid swinging softly as she walked, bare feet covered by wide leg jeans, the hems looking overly ragged and worn. There were smudges of dirt along her hands, one on her right shoulder and the smallest bit of dirt across the bridge of her nose. She walked towards the booth with only one bench without even glancing around the room, manuevering around tables with the ease of practice. Nimue glanced up as she came walking over, a brief, but geniune smile fleeting across her pale face. "
My Lady, My love..." She scooted over on the vinyl benchseat, making room for two, letting Ren slid in next to her, carelessly adjusting her braid as she did so.

"Hello dearie," she whispered, edges of her mouth tilting into a smile, as Nimue lent in, brushed her lips across Ren's in a light hello kind of kiss. Nobody looked at them, nobody cared. "Hungry?" said Nimue, turning in her seat to flick through the plastic pages of the menu she already knew by heart. Ren shrugged, one tank top strap sliding down a slender shoulder.
"A bit. I could kill for some tea. Missed my morning cup." Watching Ren's strap slide, Nimue subconciously altered the satin strap of her bra, visible against pale skin.
"We could share something?" She continued to flick through the menu. "What haven't we had for a while?" She tensed and relaxed her shoulders, a bad habit of hers -- she thought too deeply, wound herself too tight, sometimes. Ren ran her hand softly down Nimue's arm as she watched muscles tensing.
"Is there anything we haven't ever had?" She was unable to keep the smile off her lips.
"Here?" Nimue shook her head, leaning a little into Ren's touch. "I think we've had everything. Twice."

Ren rested her head against Nimue's shoulder, glancing at the menu.

"Then I guess we'll start Round Three. Matters not to me...."
" about one of these appetiser things?" She traced a painted, purple nail down the menu... "It has...different things on it, y'know?" Ren nodded, braid swinging down her back. "Sounds fine, just get tea too."

Nimue ordered the plate, and the tea, which came in glasses with metal handles, hot, and sweet. She coaxed Ren's bare feet up into her lap, her own booted feet up against the glass opposite them. Ren sighed, wiggling green-painted toes. She wrapped tiny hands around one of the glasses, absorbing some of the heat.

"We should cover my other foot, it feels neglected." She motioned with her head towards her feet, one almost completely covered in ink, the other only smudged with dirt.
"Anytime, baby," said Nimue, with a smile, fingertips tracing over the lines of the tattoo she had put on Ren's little foot. "Just say the word..." She grinned. "Maybe we can find a patch of bare skin on me, and we can get twin-tatts...That'd be romantic..." She laughed, and reached out for her own tea.

Ren snorted.

"Is there even a patch of bare skin?" Her foot twitched slightly, feeling a tickle from Nimue's fingers.
"Here," said Nimue, poker faced, lifting her hair to reveal the bare skin at the wide of her neck... "Here," she traced her hand down over the curve of her breast under her t-shirt... "And just behind my knee." Ren grinned, fingertips ghosting over the curve of Nimue's breast.
"Here might be nice," she murmured.
"Mmmhmm...What should I get?"

Ren pursed her lips.

"Hmmm...what don't you have yet? Could narrow things down considerably." She grinned at Nimue, kissing the side of her neck, unable to resist having a slight bit of fun. Nimue smiled, tracing her fingertips down Ren's braid.

"What don't I have?" She frowned. "I could get a tweetie-pie." Ren wrinkled her nose, shaking her head before taking a slow sip of tea.

"Nu uh."

"Nuh-uh?" Nimue grinned. "What? You don't think tweetie-pie is me, love?"
Ren snorted again. "Not so much, dearie."
"Maybe I'll just get your name again?" Ren glanced at her from over her glass of tea.
"The shortened version I hope."
"Just Ren, like I have here," She twisted a little in her seat, flashing the back pocket of her jean, finger touching the space where, under denim, she had the letters printed small, at the top of her left leg.
"Hmmm." Ren smiled. "Forgot about that one. It got lost among the masses." She winked, scooting a bit closer, making Nimue smile.
"You just don't look at me anymore." she teased, gently. "It's long...and you just don't care anymore."
"Mmmhmm, I believe you're delusional my ink-covered-goddess." Nimue smiled, softer, now - a lover's look. Ren slid her hand over Nimue's, fingers slipping into the empty spaces. "Appointments this afternoon?" Ren's brow was arched, eyes filled with emotions only Nimue ever saw. Nimue shook her head. "Slow week for teenage rebellion in The Fall"
"Could work on me..." She smiled. "I'm stuck waiting for a shipment."
"What kind of work would you like done?" she murmured, grey eyes sparking warmth
Ren took another sip of tea.
"Suddenly, more than one idea is coming to mind."
"At lunchtime?" Ren flexed her foot, leaning into Nim's touch and simply shrugged, brown eyes sparkling.
"Let's eat first, yeah? And then we can go home, and..." She grinned. "I can do some work."
"Sounds lovely, dearie." Ren pulled her braid over her shoulder, absently running one hand over it.

Nimue shook her head.

"You're nothing but trouble, y'know..." When the Indian waiter set down the plate of food on their table, Nimue smiled and thanked him in passable Punjabi
"A lil' trouble is good for you." Ren grinned, barely even blinking an eye at the shift in languages. It had just become something that made Nimue.
"Yes, but enough'll turn my hair grey," retorted Nimue, picking up a pastry, biting into it. Taking hold of her lover's wrist, Ren stole a bite of the pastry, brushing crumbs from her tank top.
"A bit of henna will fix ya right up." Nimue smiled, and flashed her palm, still etched in patterns the colour of old pennies. "Henna is your answer to everything, lover.."

Ren laughed, the sound sudden and warm.

"Not my fault it's useful."
picked at the plate, nibbling little bits of things, naturally leaving some of Nimue's favorites on the plate. She motioned towards Nimue's palm, eyes twinkling. "Could touch that up for you, yanno."
"Y'know, I kind of like it the way it is..." She traced her fingertip over the faded, copper colours. Ren smiled, brushing her lips over Nimue's palm.
"Ready to go home, my lady, my love," said Nimue, a little while later, repeating the much used words fondly. "Or do you want to stay here a little while longer, watch the world go by?"
"Take me home, darling." Ren whispered, smiling at the endearment. "The world can go by without us watching."
"Indeed the world can," said Nimue, leaving dollars on the table under the gilted water glass, waiting for Ren to slide out of the booth. She uncurled herself from Nimue's side, sliding easily out of the booth and offering her hand. Nimue's ringed and hennaed slid easily into her girlfriend's, let her draw her from her seat. Standing, in her doc-marten boots, Nimue was almost a head taller than Ren, with her torn t-shirt, and her glossy, jaw length hair as Ren smiled, tossed her braid over her shoulder and tugged slightly on Nimue's hand as barefeet led them towards the door.

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