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Mandatory Roll Call

On March 26th of this year, I posted a roll call of members who were:

1. still actively playing
2. actively reading (this is for all you watchers out there)
3. wanting to play, but just hasn't done anything yet
4. no longer actively playing, but is still reading this community...
5. other (please explain)

And we got a fair turn out of members replying, both old and new.

All characters whose owners did not answer the roll call were placed on a "not in active use" category, which has become much larger than we like to see. And rather than writing duplicate characters (case in point: Ruth's character Tashir the Librarian,) which not only gets redundant, but confusing as well, it was decided that players could chose to develop the characters not in active use, if they so liked, especially if the authors had not replied to the roll call.

This roll call is now mandatory. If you are no longer playing and you indicate that you would like your characters removed from play, that is fine; they will go into an archive (like Stanton Andrews, for example.) However, if we get no reply from the authors, then we have no other choice than, but to assume that you are no longer playing, and your characters will be placed in an collective pool that other people can use.

The cut off for this roll call is July 5, 2004.

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