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This community isn't easy to get into. You are placing an application to be rated. Not everybody is going to like you, and not everybody is going to be nice about it. We will be blunt. If you can't take it, do not apply. This is fair warning. Do not delete your application. If you're going to delete your application, don't post it. If you feel you can handle criticism, then by all means, join the community. The application is below. Placed strategically under the rules.


[♥ 1.] lj-cut it: All applications must be behind an lj-cut. Here's how:
<lj-cut text="the text of your link">your application</lj-cut></b>

[♥ 2.] commenting: You cannot comment on anything besides your application and maintainer updates until you're an accepted member of this community.

[♥ 3.] bold it: When you fill out the application, please bold the questions. Nobody wants to read a huge block of text. Here's how:

[ ♥ 4.] nudity: Nudity is not allowed an on application.

[♥ 5.] read the rules: To indicate that you've read these rules, when you're applying put the word "anesthesia" in the subject line of your entry.


[♥ 1.] lj-cut it: You may post one picture outside of an lj-cut so long as it doesn't exceed 275px wide. Same goes for promotion banners. Here's how:
<img src="yourpicture.jpg" width=275>
<lj-cut text="the text of your link">your post</lj-cut>

[♥ 2.] promoting: We allow you to promote other communities here, but you have to promote us there. Provide a link to where you promoted us with one of our promotion banners which can be found here. If you don't provide a link, your post will be deleted.

[♥ 3.] nudity: Nudity is allowed, but every nude picture needs to be behind an lj cut with a warning posted before the cut.

[♥ 4.] voting: When voting on an application, put your vote in the subject line or bold it in the comment. If you change your vote, post it in a new comment with the subject line "CHANGED: yes/no", and delete your initial vote. If not, your vote will be overlooked.

[♥ 5.] read the rules: To indicate that you've read these rules, when you're posting put the word "stamped" in the subject line of your entry.

<lj-cut text="link text">

[1.] The Basics -

<b>Location: </b>
<b>Promote us to two users or one community. Use our promotion banners and provide a link: (This is optional, but doing so may sway a couple votes in the positive direction)</b>

[2.] Your Favorite

<b>Movies: </b>
<b>TV shows:</b>

[3.] About you -

<b>Pet peeves:</b>
<b>Likes: </b>
<b>Tell us anything you want about yourself:</b>

[ 4.] Your Pictures -

<b>Please post atleast 3 clear pictures of yourself:</b>
<b>1 picture that you want on the member page if you get accepted: (no smaller than 200px wide) </b>
<b>Salute (If you've got one):</b>



We don't do reapplies! If you've been rejected, you can challenge one of the members who voted no on your application. To do this, post an entry with a link to your application and a link to the application of the member you're challenging (you can find it here). If you lose the challenge, as a rejected member, you will be banned from the community. Previous members will not be banned, and can challenge somebody else who voted against them in the Rejected Applicant Challenge. The subject line should read "challenge."</b>


If your picture request score is an average of 8 or above, you are authorized to make a challenge. You don't have to put yourself on the line, either. You can challenge two other members of the community against eachother!</b>

Picture requests can only come from moderators and from members who have submitted a previous request. For example, if a moderator makes a picture request and you participate, then you are able to make a request of your own, and anybody who participates in your request can make one of their own, etc. When you are participating in a picture request, the subject line should read "Stamped // request - whatever the request is". When you are looking at somebody's picture request entry, you can grade it on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the best).

If you've been accepted, we encourage you to put one of these stamps in your user info. Just copy and paste the bit of html into your "bio" section.