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andrew warhola's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
andrew warhola

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[30 Apr 2007|02:06am]

hi, i was just wondering if anyone has any andy warhol inspired tattoos? i'm thinking about getting the sketch of a bird that is on the chest of one of his unidentified male drawings.

anyone have any warhol tattoos to share and inspire?
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Andy Warhol makes such amazing art, doesn't he? [23 Mar 2007|09:35pm]

I have more Andy Warhol avatars!! It was so amazing making these; his work rocks my socks entirely.

{28} Andy Warhol and his paintings


Check out the rest here at kookicon! :-)
fifteen minutes

Hello Fans [26 Feb 2007|01:45pm]

Pardon the butt in ness of me LOL. But, I have a question. I was in the movies a week or so ago and I saw a trailer of a movie about AW, but my brain forgot what it was and who played Andy. Can someone refresh me please?
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Andy Warhol + NYC [25 Feb 2007|06:59pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Any Andy Warhol related activities to do in NYC? I'm visiting for the first time, and I would love any suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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[16 Feb 2007|05:09pm]

In Honor of Andy, NYC's Gershwin Hotel Kicks off "Factory Craze - A Week of Warhol" Feb. 19-23. FASHIONTRIBES POP CULTURE BLOG

To mark the twentieth anniversary of Warhol's death, The Gershwin Hotel & VH1are planning a mega tribute. “The Gershwin Hotel has the mandate to keep pop-culture art alive, filling every crevice of every floor with art,” says Suzanne Tremblay, owner of The Gershwin Hotel. “We therefore feel it is our obligation to appropriately celebrate the life of Andy Warhol.”

Monday, February 19, 12:30 - 2:30 pm: An award ceremony honoring the Andy Warhol Superstars including Sally Kirkland, Ultra Violet, Billy Name, Geraldine Smith, Bibbe Hansen, Mary Woronov, Taylor Mead, Robert Heide, Ron Tavel, Ivy Nicholson, Christopher Makos, Holly Woodlawn, Danny Fields, Eric Anderson, David Croland, Harvey Tavel, Sterling Morrison and others. Following the opening ceremony, a week-long art exhibition entitled “Factory Days” opens, chronicling Andy Warhol’s life and artwork.

Tuesday, February 20, 1-5 pm: Writers on Warhol authors book fair. Authors including Mary Woronov (Swimming Underground: My Years in the Warhol Factory), Ultra Violet (Famous for Fifteen Minutes) and Victor Bockris (Warhol: The Biography) will be on hand to talk about the Warhol era and sign their books. From 6-8 p.m. The New York Times’ John Leland will lead a panel discussion on the Warholian influence on publishing. Panelists include Paper Magazine Editor-in-Chief Carlo McCormick, Kenneth Goldsmith (I’ll be your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews) and Glenn O’Brien, former editor of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine.

Wednesday, February 21: Warhol & Film: From Underground to Above Ground 24 hour film festival. Highlights several of Warhol’s early underground films as well as later theatrical works. Films scheduled include Vinyl, Warhol’s interpretation of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange and the classic Chelsea Girls. In the evening, a panel of eminent filmmakers, Warhol film actors and film critics will discuss Warhol’s movies and their impact on the art of filmmaking.

Thursday, February 22: The anniversary of the day the legendary artist died. The Gershwin Hotel& the Warhol Factory X Levi’s® collection will present an fashion show of the super premium denim which incorporates the look, feel and artwork of the Factory era.The Warhol Factory X Levi’s® collection - Warhol actually wore the 501s - couples imagery of the avant-garde artist’s famous artwork—such as his depictions of Marilyn Monroe—with the latest in denim design. Other Warhol-inspired fashions will be on display, including Seiko Watches, Royal Elastic Shoes, Robert Lee Morris Jewelry and Loop Bags.

Friday, February 23: a Silver Factory Ball featuring poetry readings by Taylor Mead, performances by violinist Walter Steding, performance - artist Penny Arcade and surprise musical guests.

For more info on The Gershwin, go to GershwinHotel.com

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new member, new warhol! [16 Feb 2007|12:18pm]

okay, i'm super excited. i just got off the phone with the guy from bird fine art. i just bought my first actual warhol!!!

it wasn't as expensive as i thoughtit would be, so i'm trying to decide which one i want to try to get next. i'm debating between the another martha graham and a joseph bueys. the blue quad. opinions?
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Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol icons! [13 Feb 2007|12:55pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey guys! I absolutely adore Edie Sedgwick, so I made a bunch of Edie avatars, along with a couple of Andy Warhol ones. Snag as many as you like, but please credit my icon journal (link below) if taking! :-)

{24} Edie Sedgwick
{04} Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol
{04} Andy Warhol
{04} The Velvet Underground and Nico album cover


More here at kookicon!
fifteen minutes

Andy & Edie Icons [24 Jan 2007|02:31am]

I made a huge batch of mostly Edie icons, a few of which include Andy :)

fifteen minutes

My homage to Warhol's Eat [19 Jan 2007|01:28am]

fifteen minutes

Screen Test of myself [18 Jan 2007|11:14pm]

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It's good to be amongst people.... [18 Jan 2007|10:31pm]

That appreciate Warhol.

P.S. At least I didn't do the cliche I'm new post which is no longer wanted.
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[15 Jan 2007|01:01am]

Hello all you beautiful people,

I've been looking to get a tattoo of one of Andy's pen and ink drawings of cats, but I'm having difficulty finding a usable picture of the one I want on the internet. I've found one picture of it, I'm posting it below, and I was wondering if any of you have a larger or clearer picture of this specific drawing. 

Thanks a ton, all of you.

Lots of love,
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Cross Posted [13 Jan 2007|05:52pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

Warhol muse 'lost baby by Dylan'
Inspiration for Blonde On Blonde was forced by doctors to have an abortion, claims brother

Olivia Cole: The (UK) Sunday Times January 7th 2007

Ever since their 1960's heyday at the centre of New York's most hedonistic set, rumours have swirled that Bob Dylan had an affair with a peroxide-blonde, leggy muse of Andy Warhol, the Pop Artist.

Now the brother of Edie Sedgwick, played by Sienna Miller in a forthcoming film called Factory Girl, has given a full account of what he claims was her "deep love" for the singer. He said she conceived a baby she claimed was Dylan's, but was forced by doctors to have an abortion.

The supposed love affair has been at the centre of a legal row between the singer, 65, and the makers of Factory Girl, due to be released next month. Sedgwick died in 1971, aged 28, of a barbituate overdose.

Edie's brother Johnathan, speaking from his home in Idaho, said that Edie told him at the time about a relationship with Dylan and an abortion. "She told me she had to be held down by four men because she fought them so hard to keep the child she claimed was Dylan's. She did tell me later that this was the saddest moment of her life - losing Dylan's child."

In the film, set in the mid-1960s, Edie meets a musician played by Hayden Christensen - who happens, like Dylan, to be a tall, dark-haired, moody harmonica-playing folk singer.

At the time - 1965, as in real life - Edie was a leading light in the Factory. Warhol's tinfoil-papered studio-cum party venue. She has since been credited as the inspiration for the album Blonde on Blonde, one of Dylan's best known, and in particular for two songs on the record - Just Like A Woman and Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat.

Dylan has only once spoken about Edie, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1985, when he said: "She was a great girl ... I did know her, but I don't recall any type of relationship if I did have one, I think I'd remember."

Although Factory Girl does not mention an abortion, it's story of an affair has infuriated Dylan. Last month, Orin Snyder, the star's lawyer, wrote to Harvey Weinstein, Factory Girl's producer, saying: "Even though Mr Dylan's name is not used, the portrayal remains both defamatory and a violation of Mr Dylan's right of publicity."

George Hickenlooper, director of Factory Girl, said: "No changes were made because of the Dylan legal letter. We feel confident that Dylan has no case."

Warhol called Edie one of his "superstars" and she starred in several of his films, but also became caught up in the drug-fuelled life of the Factory "Some of the guests left in limousines some in ambulances." Nat Finkelstein, a photographer and Factory regular, has said. Edie's intense friendship with Warhol soured when he became jealous of her friendship with Dylan.

Johnathan Sedgwick described how relieved he had been when Edie met Dylan, whom he saw as a calming influence on her. "She called me up and she said she'd met this folk singer in the Chelsea Hotel and she thinks she's falling in love. I could tell the difference in her, just from her voice, she sounded so joyful instead of sad. It was later on she told me she'd fallen in love with Bob Dylan.

"I'm sure it was deep love. I don't think she would have felt that way if it hadn't been."

Johnathan Sedgwick, a retired aeroplane designer, is unsure when the friendship fizzled out. But he said the abortion took place soon after Edie was badly hurt in a motorcycle crash.

"She was claiming to be Edie but they didn't believe her", he said. Eventually, doctors consigned her to a mental hospital where she was treated for drug addiction. Staff found she was pregnant but, fearing the baby had been damaged by her drug use and anorexia, forced her to have the abortion.

Dylan's lawyers declined to comment this weekend.

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[19 Dec 2006|07:15pm]

the warhol museum here in pittsburgh is having an exhibit about the Holocaust,from now til mid march.

I plan on going almost everyday for this exhibit.

I have been to the warhol dozens of times.

this exhibit is titled: Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race.
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[19 Dec 2006|06:06pm]

So I was peaking under the x-mas tree because I'm still like a child and seen a bag with the tags saying to me from my husband and couldn't help, but take a peak inside. It's the loop/warhol banana bag, which I'm absolutely in love with!
18 person| fifteen minutes

warhol watches [18 Dec 2006|02:20pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

I wanted to share these with you. 


I am not sure if it has been posted before.
My apologies if it has been.

Thanks ♥

6 person| fifteen minutes

[15 Dec 2006|09:59pm]

78 icons:
debbie harry, beatles, random, andy warhol, edie sedgwick, nico, simon & garfunkel, goldie hawn, supremes, sean lennon, stones, bob dylan.

who do you think you're foolin'?
fifteen minutes

[06 Dec 2006|11:16pm]

as far as i can tell no one has posted on this, however, my sincere apologies if it has been discussed previously.

has anyone read popism by andy with pat hackett?
27 person| fifteen minutes

Warhol Style Screentests at www.edienation.com [06 Dec 2006|11:29pm]

With all the Edie fashion mania, I found this post on www.edienation.com really refreshing. Edie was an incredible artists, and should be recognized as such- thats what I think is really great about Melissa Painter and David Weissman's project. And plus, the screen tests look great- very factory!

“It must be real”
Posted on Wednesday 29 November 2006

Edie was a filmmaker, a collaborator and artist with other underground and experimental filmmakers at a time when making a non-Hollywood film was almost a revolutionary act. Like you she was young at a time when a wave of technological advancements– new video camera, audio recorders and film cameras– were putting power in the hands of the people to tell their own stories. This is a pursuit she believed in fiercely. She said often to fellow adventurers in her film making pursuits, “It must be real, if it isn’t real, there is no movie.” On the eve of the release of a HIGHLY fictionalized Hollywood account of Edie’s life, we hope you will join us in our Internet and video experiment of making real screen tests of real people. WE know you can tell the difference, as she would have wanted, between what is real and what is not.

-Melissa Painter

“I do love Alice in Wonderland though. That’s something I think I could do very well. Don’t you think we ought to do an A.W.? A.W.’s Alice in Wonderland? Andy Warhol’s Alice in Wonderland? A.W. stands for a lot of things, I understand. It, uh, it would make a fantastic film. So I wanted somebody to write the script for it, in a modern sense. Think it would be the most marvelous movie in the world. If it could be done. Don’t you think? Really I don’t think they’ve done one since they did a Walt Disney one- which isn’t really doing it. In a sense it is, but not in the way it really should be done. What’s needed right now is a real scene. I mean not just cartoon characters but the actual character of people because there’s so many fantastic people that you might as well use the people.”

– EDIE 1965

“To be an underground filmmaker… one felt that you were engaged in forbidden activity, which of course lead us to Andy and 47th St and the factory because Andy was hosting this whole feeling of rebellion in image where we could all participate in doing things that were ridiculous and absurd…and so to get a bunch of people who all feel that the sky’s the limit to start being able to do crazy ridiculous image with Andy…

[John, what did it feel like to be in a movie that Warhol directed?] Well, it felt like you were talking your pants off. It was embarrassing. You wondered what were you doing? Why are you doing this? And yet at the same time you knew… You didn’t know then, but to think about it now, I mean imagine you are there and there’s a hundred million dollars worth of art lying around on the floor, and these people fooling around with cameras. Andy, and I’m there with him doing the same thing, and there’s Edie, and we’re all there doing this. And so on the one hand there’s the rebellion, because you know you’re not supposed to, and on the other hand you know that its really really important, and yet its just going to disappear. So that was a peculiar feeling. ”

-John Palmer
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Please Help [03 Dec 2006|09:41pm]

Does anyone here know how to do photo emulsion for silkscreening photographs like Andy Warhol? I am extremely interested in doing it and I have been searching and I have been unsuccessful in finding something, so you help would be very much appreciated!

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[02 Dec 2006|10:00pm]

fifteen minutes

[02 Dec 2006|12:39am]


Andy Warhol in 1973 at Jimmy’s Disco in New York.
(from some recent new york times article in the book review? who knows, i just wish the picture was bigger).
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[28 Nov 2006|07:31pm]

this is a Russian art community russian_art

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[17 Nov 2006|09:46am]
Factory Girl trailer

This film looks amazing.
16 person| fifteen minutes

Halloween with the Factory [04 Nov 2006|07:21pm]


Figured I'd share some of my Halloween photos--I went as Edie Sedgwick, and my boyfriend went as Bob Dylan. Enjoy!

Read more...Collapse )
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Andy & Edie [31 Oct 2006|07:55pm]


Happy Hallowe'en to all. 

I dressed up as Mr Andrew Warhola for a party on Saturday and my boyfriend dressed up as Edie Sedgwick.

Here are a few pictures:

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[28 Oct 2006|03:41pm]


Does anyone happen to have a Warhol layout, or know where I could find one?
I'd really like one, but all my searches so far have been in vain.

3 person| fifteen minutes

i just thought i'd share. [13 Oct 2006|11:34pm]

that i got this same exact bag:

(picture stolen from ebay because i don't feel like taking a picture of it.)

for $19.99 at ross.
compared to $44.95 over here.

bags can be too overpriced nowadays.
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barneys loves andy [13 Oct 2006|10:14am]


If there ever was a poster boy for shopping, it would have to be Andy Warhol.

The strange artist with the silver wig was a compulsive collector who grew more acquisitive with each passing year, eventually filling his five-story Manhattan town house with so much stuff, only two rooms were habitable.

It seems fitting, then, that Barneys New York should celebrate the patron saint of consumerism with a national program for the holiday season that encompasses visual display, direct mail, advertising and Andy's favorite — merch. "This is the first year we're just going kapow," said Barneys creative director, Simon Doonan. "It's in every piece of our marketing. This is a huge deal for us."

Barneys is giving Warhol the star treatment — after all, the artist famously predicted that everyone would get 15 minutes of fame, although he later amended that to: "In 15 minutes, everyone will be famous." The retailer's Madison Avenue windows will be all about Andy, and the theme will be carried in flagships and Co-op units throughout the chain.

As far back as 18 months ago, Doonan sensed a Warhol moment in the making. Sienna Miller signed on to play Edie Sedgwick, Warhol's tragic muse, in "The Factory Girls," and February will mark the 20th anniversary of the artist's death.

"I'd been thinking I wanted to do something art-related for holiday 2006," Doonan said. "There's a huge dimension to Warhol. There's Andy the artist, Andy the filmmaker, Andy the magazine editor, Andy the social butterfly and Andy the businessman. He has more dimensions than Salvador Dali or Picasso. It's great fodder for the windows. Plus, he was a window dresser. I feel a kinship."

Warhol first exhibited Pop Art in the windows of Bonwit Teller, where early in his career he worked as a window dresser, a job he was so proud of, Doonan pointed out, that he signed his window displays.

In addition to the Barneys windows, the artist will be featured in advertising for Warhol-related merchandise, such as a collection of Warhol Factory X Levi's wax-coated jeans for $185, a denim trucker jacket with an Warhol portrait on the back, $270, and a hooded sweatshirt with a banana print, $176. There also are limited-edition Campbell's soup cans with reproductions of Warhol labels. The artist's images and name are being used through a licensing agreement with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, which supports contemporary art.

the rest of the article.
fifteen minutes

Andy Warhol at the STIA [09 Oct 2006|09:32pm]


. . .Collapse )
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[27 Sep 2006|10:24pm]

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone here had the film Blowjob available for me to download? I saw it today and kind of am in love with it. Thanks in advance.
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[26 Sep 2006|04:31pm]

Did anyone see the halloween spread in October's Teen Vogue? The ones throwing is used Andy as their muse, it looked fun. They had Campbell's soup cans as candy holders and the girl dressed as Edie. A good idea, anyway. 

For those curious, I have the scans
24 person| fifteen minutes

[21 Sep 2006|05:57pm]
Hi friends,

I'm Louise, from Vancouver, I'm 18, I like art  and such.

Did anyone else watch  the biography on Andy that was on PBS last night?  I quite enjoyed it myself. I'm seen shows of his before and tried to read the blurbs about his life but retained nothing. However, this was different, the insight into his childhood and the years leading up the Factory was very intrigueing. I learned so much!

Also, I'm considering dressing up as Andy for Halloween, it'd be an excuse to bleach the hell out of my hair and buy a striped shirt and such. However, I don't want to come off as some dumb scene kid or show up at a party that already has an Andy. Has anyone seen this done before? I know its a fairly common choice, but I'm so interested in him right now and dressing up as Truman Capote would be too hard and it seems a little late to go as Team ZIssou.

Thanks for insight or comments or anything really.
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[12 Sep 2006|06:40pm]


4 person| fifteen minutes

30 icons [17 Aug 2006|06:40pm]

in this batch:
----- Andy Warhol (30 icons)
----- Lindsay Lohan (6 icons)
----- Lindsay Lohan (1 header)
----- Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen (25 icons)
----- Random Photography (4 icons)

65 icons in total & 1 header

fifteen minutes

[16 Aug 2006|08:31pm]

hey.. im ashleigh. i just joined.

eventually ill post one of my favorite christmas presents ever. my friend found an andy warhol photo album at marshalls. its like holographic and it has collages of his work on the covers. ive never seen anything like it before. and id like to post my graphic design midterm i did on andy too when i get the time.

and i wish my dad could find the pictures, but during his days as a magazine photographer he met andy and took pictures for an article. ive even taken to looking on ebay for the magazine but no luck so far. he didnt tell me about this till years after i started my obsession. i thought he was lying at first just because he didnt tell me sooner, but hes not much of a joker. so someday if i hit the jack pot ill be SURE to post those pictures!
1 person| fifteen minutes

[06 Aug 2006|06:58pm]


20 icons here
1 person| fifteen minutes

[06 Aug 2006|12:14pm]


happy birthday to the obsession of my life. :0) He would have been 78 today.
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[03 Aug 2006|10:43pm]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Please consider joining.
First 10 auto accept/reject.
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Hope your summer is delicious! [03 Aug 2006|06:22pm]

[ mood | happy ]

My brother got me Andy Warhol ice cream bowls for my birthday! He said the Andy Warhol's Dream America exibit at the San Diego Museum of Art was fantastic.

My only regret was that I didn't have an ice-cream scoop in my pocketCollapse )

10 person| fifteen minutes

[01 Aug 2006|10:13pm]

I got this at the Thrift Store.

Endangered SpeciesCollapse )
5 person| fifteen minutes

[01 Aug 2006|07:44pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i made a munny warhol! click here to see more pictures of him.

18 person| fifteen minutes

Andy Warhol doll! [01 Aug 2006|07:01pm]
Well, after two weeks of waiting for it to arrive from Ebay, I've received my Andy Warhol doll! :D It's one of 4,000 (# 1,309) released in 2000 by the Campbell Soup Company, and is simply adorable.

Here he is!Collapse )
6 person| fifteen minutes

[01 Aug 2006|01:20am]

Mi Chica at the toilet, and other 'The Warhol' escapadesCollapse )

I just watched Women in Revolt! for the first time, and I can't get over how much Candy is not at all like a man. [/lame-me]
3 person| fifteen minutes

[31 Jul 2006|08:09pm]

i bought this bag a few days ago.
banana.Collapse )
just thought id share.
13 person| fifteen minutes

[31 Jul 2006|01:24am]

Does anyone know anything about the movie "Factory Girl"
I can't find anything on it whatsoever, and i was hoping someone else could help me out.

Thank you so much
7 person| fifteen minutes

Icons! Icons! Icons! [17 Jul 2006|07:07pm]


I have made some Andy Warhol icons for your pleasure! If you go to my community boomboxiconsyou can find all the icons and much more including:

[1-9] Adam Lazarra/Taking Back Sunday
[10-14] Tom Delonge/Tom & Adam
[15-18] Ben Gibbard/Death Cab for Cutie
[19-25] Conan O'Brien
[26-30] Daryl/Head Automatica
[31-35] Max Bemis
[36-40] White Stripes
[41-44] Andy Warhol
[45&46] Yeah Yeah Yeah's
[47&48] Panic! At The Disco
[49&50] Other (Sonny Moore/Mars Volta)

Here's some teasers

1. 2.

fifteen minutes

hello all [17 Jul 2006|01:30pm]

I went to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh last weekend. I got a few pictures.

11 person| fifteen minutes

Hello [17 Jul 2006|12:14am]

[ mood | From A to B and back again ]

Hello hello hello! I just joined, this place looks cool, I know it says no welcome posts but a) I couldn't resist and b) it says ok as long as it has something to do with Andy Warhol therefore... I have only just got into Andy Warhol because I saw his work at the Tate Modern in London. I saw his photos of Marilyn and Elvis and then I bought the Philosophy of Andy Warhol and have almost finished reading that - is that not a great book or what?!? And after I've completely finished I'm going in search for the Andy Warhol Diaries. Anyone read that? Is it better than his Philosophy?!

7 person| fifteen minutes

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