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Naruto Community ~ Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai [anbu]

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All Members

Welcome to _anbu_, the elite community for "serious" discussion of the anime and manga series, Naruto.

If you only watch the anime, you WILL be spoiled by this community.
Please do not complain. You have been warned.


1) To Join:

- Step 1) First, e-mail and ask to be given the test. Do not click to join first.

- Step 2) You will be emailed back a 10 question test. It's not a test to see how much you KNOW, it's a test to see how much of a Naruto fan you are. A score of 60% or higher passes.

- Step 3) If you pass, you will be instructed how to join. Then and only then, you're in.
If you pass the test you may post AND comment. Those who fail may still comment on member's posts.

2) Posting and Commenting:

  • No posts with internet-speak i.e. lIk3 ThI5!!!!@.@!!!!
  • No excessive fangirl/boy-ing. i.e. "I WANT HIS BABBIES!!!"
  • No "introductory" posts. i.e. "Hi, I'm so-and-so, this is my first time posting, I really hope I'll like it here blah blah."
  • All current story arc [manga OR anime] must be behind an lj-cut.
  • All images should be behind an l-j cut.
  • Posts should be more than one sentence.
  • Please do not repeat posts about episodes or chapters that have already been posted about.

    3) Spam

    Spam is allowed provided it is:

  • somehow relevant to Naruto manga or anime.
  • highly descriptive of what's being advertised.
  • lengthy entries should be mostly lj-cut.
  • all images should be lj-cut as usual

    4) Fanfiction

    Fanfiction is permitted. However, please note:

  • The members will critique you. If you can not take healthy criticizm, please don't post your fics here.

  • No flames. Honest criticizm only, please.

  • Yaoi/Hentai/Yuri/Lemon/Slash/Marysue etc. is NOT allowed.

  • All fanfics must be behind an lj-cut with the title, author, genre, rating and disclaimer.

    5) Fanart

  • No doodles, please excepting humorous gag doodles.

  • We'd prefer no hentai/yaoi/anything explicit.

  • All images behind lj-cut.

    6) Icons

  • We do not allow icons featuring other people's fanart. Please use manga scans or anime clips.

  • All icons in the post must be under lj-cut.

    7) All News is welcome.

  • This includes any latest movie news, fansubs/anime releases, scanlation/manga releases, liscensing info, seiyuu info, etc. Read the previous posts to be sure someone didn't post the same news before you.

  • Hoaxes will be dealt with by the mods. If a mod asks you to change your post to say that the news is a rumor, please do so or it will be deleted.

    8) I got kicked out, how do I get back in?

  • Unless you did something TOTALLY unforgivable a mod will let you back in after a while. Just email one of them.

  • Lastly, please enjoy the elite fan-geeking that is _anbu_

    The MODS rukawagf [good cop] aksarah [bad cop] leslina [the other cop]