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ナルトコミュニチイ~暗殺戦術特殊部隊「アンブ」 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Out of the blue... [Jan. 23rd, 2006|09:48 pm]

My father handed me this the other day. Good stuff.

Click for the full article from the New York Times:

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[FIC] [Dec. 26th, 2005|12:11 am]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Title: There's A Sucker Born Every Minute
Author: leslina
Genre: General, Humour
Rating: PG (Language)
Characters: Tsunade, Shizune
Length: Drabble
Summary: Sequel to An Interesting Egg

x-posted to narufanfic, naruto_sennin
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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2005|10:13 pm]

[Current Mood |relievedrelieved]

In the tradition of Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist... We have...

The Naruto Dub.

It's awesome.

I mean really good. Click to read my notes on the dub~!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Aug. 25th, 2005|10:30 pm]

omgoodness. hi.

1) Naruto Dub Cast has been announced.
scroll down to see the dub 'actors'. Thankfully, NOT as rumored... the guy playing Kakashi did NOT play Spike. Thank GOD. Narutofan has a clip of the woman cast to play Naruto and she ACTUALLY sounds like she might be able to pull it off. http://www.narutofan.com/ here's ta hopin.

2) Anyone else want to mod this comm? I don't think my other two mods are really into it anymore either, but I'll default to them, of course. I'm sort of out of Naruto fandom [except reading the manga, which is how I stumbled on the dub news] and am also shutting down my site http://aksarah.com/naruto next month.
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Hello! [Aug. 1st, 2005|12:17 am]
After a long absence I bring a gift:
Nah, just fanart:
When do I not draw Sakura? It's like an obsession.
Anyway, comments are of course welcome and very appreciated.
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Opinions [Jul. 21st, 2005|11:43 pm]

This is an opinion poll, but I can't do polls so I hope you guys will comment instead (^-^)

I recently saw the newest Naruto anime episode (144). [Before I continue, I have to ask: What is with this season's intro song? It grates. GRATES.] I also downloaded the intros of all the seasons. Just because.

It says something about the anime when I prefer the introductions over the anime and its animation and storyline.

What about all of you? Do you think the animation quality has been declining?

Important: Potential spoilers in comments.
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Looking for an author... [Jul. 13th, 2005|02:22 am]

..of this beautiful fanart. I want to use it in my LJ layout, so I need a permission and at least a name to credit. Please help if you can. I know his nick is alexi, but how can I contact him?
Here you are - Image
Crossposted in chuunin
UPD: siriusjazz founded it. Thanks a lot!
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New Naruto RPG on LiveJournal [Jun. 15th, 2005|10:11 pm]
Hey everyone!

A friend and I recently started a Naruto RPG on LJ and we're trying to get victims players who are interested in joining us.

Details and such cut for potential spoilersCollapse )

We have very few members right now, so any additions are welcome!  I'm one of the mods, and I have six years of RPG experience under my belt, including two years as host of other games on the Delphi forum boards.  If you are interested, please feel free to check out altrpg_naruto and the OOC community, altrpg_narutooc.



(I apologize in advance for the bareness of the game design -- I am very poor when it comes to creating graphics and layouts.  Anyone who wishes to design and create a layout will be greatly welcomed (and probably rewarded))
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Jinchuuriki [Jun. 13th, 2005|11:51 pm]

Spoilers through current Manga releases

Read more...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 2005|06:48 pm]

I created _anbu_. I have every right to direct this community the way I see fit.

If you would like drama, please go elsewhere.

If anyone has anything they would like to say to me on this matter, be an adult and email me at sarah at aksarah.com

There are no comments allowed for this post because as I said before, this matter is closed.

Please let this blow over.

Any more posts that incite drama and have no relation to Naruto Fandom will also be deleted.

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