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hey, i'm 16 and live with my parents... my mom's freaking out about me not eating, how do i convince her i am without actually, you know, eating? does anyone have any tips about hiding it from parents? thanks!

1 day fast

Ok I am going to try fast today well aside from like a teaspoon milk I had so that prolly wont turn into anything. Anyone want to join todays fast . I say try because everyone is home so they might notice and i might have to eat but maybe not will see how today goes only water any 0 cal drink. I am going to start on a day one because I figure if I say 4 or whatever its going to seem long and I might binge so lets make it through today and then will see.

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okay  everyne who cares im getting rid of ana_mia_mee and i have a new account thats better and brighter and nicer and great so if you want to add me on lipstck_ovrload instead then more power to ya!

thanks dolls :]

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egg white = 80 cals 0g fat
two lowcal gatorade G2 drinks at 30 cals each = 60 calories 0g fat
pepper = 33 cals 0.3g fat
chicken = 150 cals 1.5g fat

total = 323 calories 1.8g fat

I didn't exercise today.

I usually end up eating more if I exercise a lot. Do you think I should exercise less for that reason?

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 Hey I'm new. Add me as a friend and comment my posts! I am ultimately trying to lose 20 pounds. Let's be buddies.

Height: 5'2
Current Weight: 98.8 (BMI 18.1 :'{)
Lowest Weight: 86 (BMI 15.7)
Highest Weight: 115 (BMI 21.0)
Goal Weight 1: 92 (BMI 16.8)
Goal Weight 2: 84 (BMI 15.4)


 Name: Jen
Gender: female
Age: 17
Location: nj
Ana? Mia? Both?: ana
Height: 5'3
Weight: 102
Goal for next month: 95
Size of pants: 0-2
Any Pictures of yourself?:

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Gender: LADY(:
Age: 15
Location: PA
Height: 5'
Weight: 110-115
Goal for next month: 5LBS
Size of pants: 2
Favorite quote: LOTS
Biggest thinspiration?: YOUTUBE
Any Pictures of yourself?:



 i need an ana buddy.  i've lost controll on my weight, and i need some thinspiration, if any body could email me or something, that would be nice. xoxo, rache
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