i'm bringing you back!

my poor community :( 2 years since anything has been posted. you are dead. but its ok! im going to try to bring you back to your feet! so if anyone is still reading this i'll need your help!

i'll start with saying ive lost almost 10 lbs in the last 2 weeks:) only a million more to go hahaha. but ive been really motivated lately and hitting the gym hard. i hope everyone else is doing amazing :)


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im going to a party tonight. woo oo. i hope there really isnt any drinking. but i know there will be. which means ill drink and get sick...or i could eat and not but f tht.

i dont know why but the past couple of days ive been scared to weigh myself. like a serious fear of the scale, i know i need to get over it and just get on it. im just so scared i havent lost, since i had a b/p then the next day went out to eat with the fam. ill do it tomorrow.:-/

well i should go finish getting ready...it takes me so long to get dressed i look fat in everything!

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i'm bored at bickfords came to visit melynda. it doesn't hurt that he's here :) but there steady so i've only talked to him a little. mungy said it was disgusting how much we flirt lol, it made me happy. they got so much gross food cheese fries. jalapeno poppers. and tenders. watching them eat it made me feel good that i wasn't puttin that shit in my mouth :) self control baby lol well i think its time for a fast since i don't have work till saturday, its hard when i have work i get so shaky and tired. hopefully i can go till i have work, i'm poor this week so even if i'm with people that go out to eat i can't afford it so there will be ZERO temptation.

so yeah you should all make some posts! its a ghost town here! i love reading others posts it really inspires me....but u don't have to if u don't want lol.

its weird ud think that being here would make me want to binge but i have no desire to even touch what they call food :)

well i'm gonna go try to find something to entertain me


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so today...

1 cup soup 85 cals
some tostitos and hummus 150 cals
crystal light 5 cals
total 240 cals

i have work in about 4 hours, i wish mike was working tonight, he's getting his wisdom teath out today but he makes the shift go by so much faster, and he's not to bad to look at lol...mmmm....well atleast jorge wil be there, but he actually does his work lol so i don't see him that much.

i'm supposed to hang out with mike (not the one from work) in the morning. we probably won't. i just texted him. i'd like to know before i leave for work so i can bring my makeup, a change of close, hair straightner lol.

i still haven't gotten my gym membership stuff its been 5 days!

i guess if i don't hang out with mike i could run the pilgrim track, idk if they have summer school gym on it though i'm sure no one will be there at 630 though. ill have to take a bottle of water with me from work.

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so ive lost 6.4lbs in 4 days, which makes me happy.


ok so i dont know if anyone else has ever had this problem, or if its happened to anyone. this morning i smoked a blunt with my friend and i felt fine, we went outside to smoke a cigarette and i couldnt even finish it, i just felt wrong. then i felt like i was goin to pass out, everything started to get dark and everything sounded muffled. so i went inside and layed down and felt fine about 15 minutes later.

i dont know why that happened. it never had before and as much as i dont think i am i need to realize i am a pot head. hhaha. i smoke every day and this never has happened to me in the 7 years ive been smokin weed. i smoked some salvia before so i dont know if it was because of that. and it wasnt like it had been that long since i ate...only like 22 hours. i dont know. maybe it was nothing and im a big worry wart. :) but i did eat after :( i had 2 and a half cookies!! 300 cals. and i had a cup of soup today which was 160 and some crystal light..so total 470. sucks.

well i hope everyones doing good.

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im bringing this community back to life. i dont think anyone, actually i know no one reads this anymore. i understand. if by chance someone is reading this leave a comment!

i think im going to change the layout. a fresh start deserves it.

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i didn't have the internet for a year and a half....i dont know if anyone still reads this....doesn't look like it...but im sorry i haven't been on in forever ...I'd really like to get this up again!!!!!!

please leave comments so i know you guys still check this :)


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800 day..

So today i had my 800 cal day, seemed like i was eating so much, especially as my friend hardly ate today! I felt like a binge eater but i have to get these calories down me for this to work!
I had:
Weetabix (63)
Ryvita (48)
Cereal bar (90)
2 Coffees (10)
Vegetable wrap (250)
Nutri-grain bar (131)
Seaseme seed sticks (75)
Spag bol (250)
Total: 920, well about

I had the spaghetti bolgnese as my dinner, i wasn't really hungry but i thought it was a meal, which i dont have very often! I went over a bit but its a high day and im going low tomorrow! Plus i went gym today and went in the sauna and steam room :D love it :)
Over all i'm not a very happy person at the moment. Me and my boyfriends are in a bad place right now, i hope we pick up though. I've lost half a lb this morning but im not saying anything about it because then it doesnt seem as much as when i hit the next mark... so yeah, maybe tomorrow!

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