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The Queen of Xtreme - Amy Lita Dumas

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Amy "Lita" Dumas Hospitalized Due To Laryngitis, Band's Concert Canceled [10 Mar 2008|11:43am]

Former WWE Women's Champion Amy "Lita" Dumas was hospitalized today and her band's concert in Imperial, PA was canceled. She has laryngitis as she lost her voice and is on medication now.

According to the concert venue, The Luchagors' guitar player called them and said Dumas was being taken to the hospital. He said due to her condition, there was no way she could do the show. They are hoping to reschedule a future date at the club.

Dumas sent out the following bulletin on her MySpace page regarding her sickness: "Sorry guys! Until everyone knows the words and can help me sing- I just can't do it tonight. I got so sick out here on the road and completely lost my voice. Not just kind of- but like nothing above a whisper. I am on some serious meds and bring my note pad with me everywhere so I don't talk. It looks really dumb, but I don't want to have to cancel anymore shows. We are on for West Virginia and the rest of the tour, I am so sorry for everyone that was planning on coming to see us tonight- xxoo, amy"

The Luchagors are currently in the midst of a huge tour as they have a number of dates on the east coast scheduled throughout the month.

~Wrestling Observer
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New Amy Dumas Community. [27 May 2007|03:59pm]


dumas_stillness is the new dedicated Amy Dumas community.
dumas_stillness is a icontest community.
if your a Amy/Lita fan and a icon maker come and join
the community, challnge one is up.
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Lita Returns To The Ring, UWF Lineup, More. [19 Apr 2007|03:08pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hermie Sadler's promotion, UWF, sent out the following release:

This Friday's event in Prince George (Richmond), Virginia at the Colonial Harley Davidson will feature Amy "Lita" Dumas returning to the ring teaming with Jerry Lynn vs. Christy Hemme and Austin Starr, Steve Corino vs. Dustin Rhodes in a Falls Count Anywhere match, Jerry Lynn vs. Austin Starr, CW Anderson vs. Scott Steiner, NWA Tag Team champions Team 3D defending their belts, Scotty Blaze and Scotty Rocker vs. Sean Denny and Damian Wayne, Former Tough Enough champion Maven vs. JD Michaels, The Diamonds in the Rough vs. Team Macktion, plus Sean Denny, Preston Quinn, Scotty Rocker, Scotty Blaze, Phil Brown, Prince Malik, The Hebners and more.

This Saturday's event in Harrisonburg will be headlined by NWA Tag Team champipns Team 3D vs. Steve Corino & CW Anderson. Matches scheduled underneath are Jerry Lynn vs. Austin Starr, a Three-Way Ladies bout with Amy "Lita" Dumas vs. Christy Hemme vs. April Hunter, plus Maven, Scott Steiner, Team Macktion, and Dustin Rhodes, among others scheduled. Tickets information for both events can be found at www.UWFUSA.com.

The UWF has set up several appearances in Virginia to promote the doubleshot this weekend:
*Dave and Earl Hebner, promoter and NASCAR personality Hermie Sadler, April Hunter & JD Michaels at Hooters of Chester at 7:30 PM tonight.
*Christy Hemme at Colonial Harley Davidson/Buell on 4/21 from 11AM - 12PM.
*Amy Dumas at Strosinder Chevrolet on 4/21 from 12-1 PM.
*Maven and Dustin Rhodes on 4/21 from 1-2 PM at Bill Turner, Inc. in Luray, Virginia.
*Scott Steiner on 4/21 at Harrisonburg Hyundai from 3-4 PM.

Talent scheduled for UWF's 5/11 benefit event in Charlotte, NC, and 5/12 in Greensboro, NC. thus far are Rikishi, James Storm, Chris Harris, Jerry Lynn, Gail Kim, Raven, D'Lo Brown, and Dustin Rhodes.

The promotion's next major headline event will be their second annual "Hardcore War" on 6/8 at the New Alhambra in Philadelphia, PA which is rumored to be headlined by Team 3D vs. Rick and Scott Steiner and Dustin Rhodes vs. Steve Corino plus Christopher Daniels already announced. Tickets range from $75 down to $20 with the top price including a free pre-show autograph meet and greet session with everyone on the show.

For ticket information and UWF DVDs, visit www.UWFUSA.com.

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Small Update on Lita. [18 Apr 2007|01:07pm]

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-- Former WWE Women’s Champion Lita has posted a message on her band’s MySpace web site about offering new merchandise. Lita wrote, "Body: Game on! The Luchastore is up and running so go get your t-shirts patches, buttons, and stickers NOW. Our CD will be available soon from there and we are working on putting together a special fan club pack w/a new T-shirt design and more fun stuff. Our stuff is now available for overseas orders, too, so go for it, and send us pictures representing. Our store is at www.luchagors.com!”

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Small Update for Lita's band. [19 Mar 2007|01:02pm]

[ mood | content ]

-- Amy "Lita" Dumas has announced that her band, The Luchagors, has completed recording songs for their debut CD. The album is being produced by Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan.

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Amy “Lita” Dumas Speaks On Jim Ross' Comments. [28 Feb 2007|07:14pm]

[ mood | good ]

Just thought I would pass this info along.

Former WWE Diva Amy “Lita” Dumas recently appeared at Maryland Championship Wrestling's 2007 Anniversary show. Dumas was a special guest referee in the main event which featured Adam Flash and Bruiser vs. Danny Doring and Abyss.

Amy also recently commented on Jim Ross’ recent comments on her via her MySpace website. She said, "I really appreciate the kind words from him. I always got along and respected him. He shoots straight and is sincere in his words. I do feel as though I contributed a lot to the wrestling business, and I understand "Lita" left the WWE as a heel character. However, the human being Amy Dumas, gave a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to the WWE, and I am glad that someone that the same person that hired me, acknowledged that."

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[ mood | wide ]

Anyone who has ever watched Amy Dumas, formerly known as Lita, perform her acrobatic, high-flying moves in World Wrestling Entertainment knows that she isn't afraid to take risks. Dumas perhaps took her biggest chance yet last November when she left WWE after nearly seven years to pursue a career in the music business. The former women's wrestling champ is the lead singer of the Luchagors, an Atlanta-based punk rock band. Dumas, 31, hasn't walked away from the ring completely, however, and she will make an appearance at Sunday's Maryland Championship Wrestling show in Dundalk.

What went into your decision to leave a highly successful career with WWE?
It felt like it was time to at least see what else was out there. It's a job that you have to give 110 percent to be successful at, and I just felt like I didn't have 110 percent to give anymore. I feel like if I would have stayed longer with WWE I would have started to resent my time there, because you're so inundated with the schedule and everything.

How did you feel about your breakup with fellow wrestler Matt Hardy and your involvement with Edge [Adam Copeland] becoming public knowledge and then being played out in a WWE story line?
That whole thing was just such a hard time for me. When you go through personal problems, it's hard enough as it is, but then to have every aspect of your life out there and to feel like everybody knows your business when they really only know such a small percent and they're passing judgment ... there were definitely days when I didn't feel like getting on the plane to go to work.

How often are you appearing at independent wrestling shows these days?
This is my first independent wrestling show since I left WWE. I trained with Maryland Championship Wrestling before I made it to WWE, so I think it's fitting to go back to where I started.

Continue Reading HereCollapse )

credit - http://www.amy-net.org/

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Some Lita News [15 Feb 2007|09:14pm]

Former WWE Diva Amy "Lita" Dumas has opened an new official MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/therealamydumas. Dumas will be appearing next weekend for Maryland Championship Wrestling and will debut for Hermie Sadler's UWF in March. For more information on the UWF, visit www.USAUSA.com. Her punk band, The Luchagors will be recording their first CD this spring as well.

credit - PWI
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TNA News: Interest in Lita [28 Dec 2006|09:17pm]

[ mood | calm ]

TNA is interested in signing Amy Dumas (formerly Lita of WWE), but it remains unclear if the interest is mutual.

Source: Wrestling-Observer Newsletter

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LITA SAYS GOODBYE [27 Nov 2006|11:34pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Just days before she walked into Survivor Series to defend her coveted Women’s Championship against Mickie James, Lita informed the world that this match would be her last. After seven successful and controversial years in WWE, Lita announced her retirement from sports-entertainment.

By Sunday night, before many WWE fans could even fully grasp the weight of Lita’s announcement, the match had come and gone. Lita was no longer Women’s Champion. No longer a WWE Diva. No longer side-by-side with World Tag Team Champion Edge.

Amid the fans in attendance in Philadelphia, sects of Lita loyalists in the Wachovia Center shared an emotional mantra: “Thank you, Lita!”

By the time the bell rang to signify the end of the match, it was clear that WWE would be missing a star.

“I’ll have a lot of memories with me and a lot of experiences with me but I’m ready to keep moving ahead,” Lita confessed. “I’ve been looking around the locker room and there aren’t many people left that were here when I started. It’s a sad time, but I know this is right.”

Even after Lita’s exhaustive post-loss in-ring tirade, it seemed her truest fans were present for the ex-Diva’s final WWE match. This augmented Lita’s strong sentiment for her supporters that have stuck by her through thick and thin, good times and bad.

Perhaps the greatest of her fans is the Rated-R Superstar, who lingered behind the curtain at the Wachovia Center during Lita’s championship defense. Once the defeated champion made her way out of the arena, the two stood together backstage for one last time.

Read The Rest HereCollapse )

credit - wwe.com

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Follow Lita on WWE.com [26 Nov 2006|06:12pm]

[ mood | sad ]

In her fourth Women’s Championship reign, Lita’s seven-year career in WWE culminates tonight at Survivor Series in Philadelphia. Lita promised to leave the Wachovia Center tonight and head into retirement as undisputed Women’s Champion. WWE.com follows Lita in what will be her final night in sports-entertainment.

3:50 p.m.

Scanning the ring as it was being constructed in the center of the Philly arena, Lita curtailed her observation of her imminent and near future to make an important phone call to her mother. The Women’s Champion called to confirm her mom’s plans to be in attendance at Survivor Series tonight for the final match of her daughter’s celebrated career.

2:47 p.m.

In a relaxed, but pensive mood, the Women’s Champion slipped into the arena and was later seen in the stands of the Wachovia Center. A contemplative Lita looked down upon the arena below, absorbing the weight of this historic night in her career.

credit - wwe.com

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Nora Greenwald talks about Amy's retirement [23 Nov 2006|11:25pm]

Nora says she just recently heard the official word on Amy retiring. She said she'd heard rumors but nothing official. She says she's really happy for her.

On if Amy changed the face of women's wrestling, Nora says "absolutely!". She says when she was in WCW, Amy was just coming on the scene and she had heard of her and she wanted to do all these highflying moves. Nora says she was awesome and little did she know she'd soon be working with her. Nora says she shocked the fans, not only because of how beautiful and athletic and daring but she had something about her that made fans not be able to take their eyes off her. Nora says she was new and fresh. She brings up Lita's first divas cover, she says normally it'd be someone like Sable but instead it was Lita who had this unique look that appealed to many people. She then talks about how Lita helped her in many ways by allowing diversity and proving to Vince McMahon that it's not just one type of girl that can draw money to the company. Nora says at that time she was up there as one of the 3 biggest women in wrestling, she says there was a time when she couldn't go out in public without causing chaos.

Nora is then asked if since the last time she was around Amy, did she notice if her interest for the industry had changed since when she first started. Nora says when Amy first came into the WWE and when she first met her, she was the most serious girl she'd ever met in her life. She said she was so serious about everything and wasn't really fun. She said she was great to watch in the ring, but she thought she needed to lighten up a little. Nora then says after she came back from breaking her neck, she was a total different person. Nora said that she herself would always encourage people to go out and see what each city has to offer while on the road, and she says both Lita and Trish took an interest to going and seeing what is out there in the world, and they both wanted to accomplish everything they could in women's wrestling. She says Amy seemed to just enjoy traveling and seeing everything more and tried to have fun doing her job and just enjoyed life.

Nora then sarcastically says she'd love going to work when the storyline revolves around your personal life (referring to the Matt/Edge saga). She says if her personal life was made public in a storyline like that, she would deffinitely be upset. She says she never talked to Amy about how she felt though. So she doesn't know how it actually affected her outlook on the business. They then discuss an interview Lita did on WWE.com after the saga made headlines and how she bluntly said she feels her job is to entertain the fans and when she leaves the arena, what she does, is her business and she isn't obligated to explain it. Nora also talks about how she hopes women who are getting into the wrestling business don't expect to have a 50 year long career or for it to be their life long job. She encourages women to have many dreams and work to accomplish them. She comments on how Amy might have decided to do the wrestling thing for a few years and then go into music, acting etc..she really doesn't know.

Nora comments briefly on Trish. She says she deffinitely helped continue women's wrestling with the help of her backstage presense and on-screen presense and she did great things for women's wrestling.

credit - http://www.amy-net.org/
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[21 Nov 2006|10:10pm]

[ mood | cold ]

After a remorseless attack upon Mickie James on Raw, Women’s Champion Lita both surprised and appalled WWE and its fans by announcing her retirement from sports-entertainment. Callously addressing the Baltimore crowd in the 1st Mariner Arena and those watching at home, Lita essentially told the world that she was done with WWE.

“I was debating about retiring for a quite a while,” Lita told WWE.com following her announcement. “But, I’ve made my decision and made it official tonight on Raw with the WWE fans.”

With her opponent defeated, Lita made the bombshell declaration that her final match will take place at Survivor Series in her title defense against Mickie. According to Lita, Sunday couldn’t come any sooner.

“I’m sick and tired of not being respected for the contributions I’ve made in the past and also every week on Raw,” said the Women’s Champion. “The [other Superstars and Divas] in the locker room turned their back on me when I wasn’t the cool person to like.”

Seven years a WWE Diva, Lita’s current Women’s Championship reign is her fourth. If all goes accordingly, Lita will leave WWE as the unseated champion, trumping her long-time rival Trish Stratus, who retired as champion in September.

“I’d love to say thanks to my fans that were with me since day one and are still there today,” she said. “I’ve got nothing for fair-weather fans that were with me at one time, but because I make a personal decision they don’t approve of, they decide to turn their back on me.”

The Women’s Champion has not yet devised any post-retirement plans. Lita is looking forward to making history on Sunday in Philadelphia. Only afterwards will she consider her post-WWE years.

“I am going to figure out what I’m going to do the day after Survivor Series,” added Lita. “But, I’m sure I won’t be thinking of the other Superstars, Divas or WWE fans when I’m kicking my feet up and not working.”

credit - wwe.com

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Latest on Lita [16 Nov 2006|09:15pm]

[ mood | calm ]

In Ashley’s latest column she talks about Lita’s new punk rock CD, what music Jimmy Yang listens too, and more.

credit - http://wrestlingheadlines.com/


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Link Fixed [16 Nov 2006|05:45pm]

Lita's Band

Please stop by and check it out

thanks for your support

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WWE Magazine/Lita’s departure [14 Nov 2006|09:06pm]

[ mood | thinking ]

In the latest WWE magazine featuring Edge on the cover, there is an article that mentions that Lita may soon be leaving the company. The article states that the companion to the Rated R Superstar may soon be "moonsaulting" away from wrestling. This comes as no surprise as we have been reporting for several weeks now that Lita wants to pursue opportunities outside of wrestling.

credit - http://wrestlingheadlines.com/

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The Luchagors-"Burn" [13 Nov 2006|05:21pm]


The Luchagors featuring WWE Diva Lita performing "Burn" Live at Swayzes in Marietta, Ga.
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My Thoughts On Lita [07 Nov 2006|05:02am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I hate to say this but I cant wait until Lita LEAVES the wwe. I cant stand her anymore and its really sad. I cant believe that this is the same girl from 4-5 years ago.

sad sad sad

its truely sad.

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More Lita News [06 Nov 2006|03:01am]

[ mood | content ]

Lita is scheduled to leave WWE very shortly, but
there's no guarantee such plans will result in a loss
for the Diva (they merely mean that she is not set to
become a long-term Champion).

Credit: www.lordsofpain.net

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Lita News [06 Nov 2006|02:56am]

[ mood | content ]

Lita's WWE contract is scheduled to expire on December
1st. As of a week ago, the feeling was that she'd
finish things up at Cyber Sunday or the night after on
RAW, but it looks like she'll be staying at least a
little while longer because she was just added to the
U.K. tour that starts on Wednesday. Maria and Candice
Michelle were pulled from the tour in favor of Lita
vs. Mickie James title matches. Once her contract
expires, Lita plans on concentrating on her punk rock
band and doing some indy film work. The general
feeling within WWE is that Lita will eventually sign
with TNA due to the easier schedule.

Credit: www.rajah.com

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