my name is amanda,im 15....Ive been listening to Cradle of Filth for a while...

well i cant really think of anything to say

so ill shut up
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Alice II

Newbies with boobies ^^

Hi! I'm Tara, I'm 18 and I live in Australia (blah blah) and I've newly been introduced to Cradle and they rock my fucking socks!!! My fave member is totally John!! I <3 him beyond reasoning ^^
Um...that is all.
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(no subject)

Theres a lack of postings going on in here, so I figured I'd put something down.

Now only if this was a post of any significance lol...lets figure this out!

I'm workin at it


Ratings for us..

I'm gonna make this place co-ratings as well..

Which means I need suggestions for questions for the application..

The basics are:

Sexual Orientation

Any others people?