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20 icons - kurt halsey, harry potter, gundam wing

An odd post, 3 subjects that I've either never made icons of or haven't made icons of in a really long time. I know I promised that the rest of my 100 Morrissey icons were coming soon, and they are, just not... now.
5 Kurt Halsey, 5 Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, and 10 Gundam Wing (for those of you that swing that way, there's 1 each of Duo, Dorothy, 3x4, 1x2, Relena, 4x1, 3x5, Wufei, and two of Quatre. I know these things are important.)
Most of the GW ones are pretty awesome/retarded. I'm easily amused.
That's it for my spiel. Comment, credit (for the Kurt Halsey ones, remember to credit him too!), constructive criticism, and other such related "c" words. Thanks!
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I like making wallpapers, and it occured to me recently, hey I should share these. so, um, I am. here. these are all 1024x768 and formatted for my desktop. if you have another resolution or want it formatted differently, ask me nicely and I might be able to hook you up. if then, then tough. some of these can be used as lj backgrounds, and if you want to do that, credit me in your userinfo. seriously. I don't care if you're just using it on your desktop, but if it's something that other people are going to see, I want credit.

Morrissey 1985
For Good
Tobey Maguire (lyrics from Philosophy, by Ben Folds)
Santa's Little Helpers (Mean Girls)
Marks (Anthony Rapp & Matt Caplan)
Raul Esparza
Sebastian Arcelus
Swing Life Away (kurthalsey.com + lyrics by Rise Against
The Wizard & I
Wakaba (lyrics from Waltz No 2, by Elliot Smith