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20 icons - kurt halsey, harry potter, gundam wing

An odd post, 3 subjects that I've either never made icons of or haven't made icons of in a really long time. I know I promised that the rest of my 100 Morrissey icons were coming soon, and they are, just not... now.
5 Kurt Halsey, 5 Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, and 10 Gundam Wing (for those of you that swing that way, there's 1 each of Duo, Dorothy, 3x4, 1x2, Relena, 4x1, 3x5, Wufei, and two of Quatre. I know these things are important.)
Most of the GW ones are pretty awesome/retarded. I'm easily amused.
That's it for my spiel. Comment, credit (for the Kurt Halsey ones, remember to credit him too!), constructive criticism, and other such related "c" words. Thanks!
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