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so, I never actually mentioned this, but I got photoshop a while back. here's what I've been up to...

6 Scarlett Johansson
01. Collapse )

2 Kill Bill
01. Collapse )

1 X-men: Evolution

8 Cowboy Bebop
01. Collapse )

4 Alan Cumming
01. Collapse )

Anyways. I don’t how many that is total, because I can’t count. Somewhere close to twenty, I think.
Y’all really should know the rules by now. Comment if you’re taking one, and credit in keywords!! Also, if at all possible, pimp this journal. I’m in an attentionwhorey mood.

hello lovlies.

My name is Sophia, and this is my icon journal. I'll be posting icons here sporadically, which you are free to take, as long as you
1. Comment and tell me which ones you're taking
2. Credit me in keywords.
Now, to get things rolling, here's ten Cowboy Bebop icons for you...

a) b) c)
Collapse )
eta: not only will I be posting new icons, I'll probably post some old sets, just so I can have them all in one place.
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