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[ amethyst icons ]


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[ number one ]

my name is sophia, aka shibaiko. I make icons. that's all there is to it, really.
oh, except that I was accepted at takenote_icons. hells yeah.

[ number two ]

if you ever wish to take one of these aforementioned icons, there are two simple things you need to do. the first is to comment and let me know that you're taking one. I like to know where they're going. the second thing is to credit me in your icon keywords, either as shibaiko or _amethyst_icons. if you don't know how to credit icons, consult this tutorial. if you use an icon on another journal site, credit to shibaiko@lj (or _amethyst_icons@lj).

[ number four ]

glory_ + hang____over + admireicons + thepearls_ + grrliz_icons + fuyu_icons
if you want to affiliate, just ask!