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fuck, I finally finished these. 26 gundam wing icons for abc_icons. and now? bedtime. comment, credit, all that jazz. night, kids.

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<td bgcolor="#CCCCCC">
a. b. c. d.
e. f. g. h.
i. j. k. l.
m. n. o. p.
q. r. s. t.
u. v. w. x. y. z.

a is for apathy
b is for boys
c is for cooler
d is for death
e is for evil
f is for femme fatale
g is for glam
h is for heartthrobbing melody (the name of the song they play together. you know. the one that represents the buttsex.)
i is for innocence
j is for justice
k is for karma (this one doesn't make a lot of sense, but I couldn't think of any other k words?)
l is for lightening
m is for mentally unbalanced (have I mentioned that quatre is my favorite character? I love him, really.)
n is for noin
o is for oz
p is for peace
q is for queen
r is for religion
s is for strength (I like this one because they look sort of zombie like)
t is for three (I'm so creative)
u is for under pressure (can you tell that this was around the end when I was running out of ideas?)
v is for vice foreign minister (I think this is my favorite text ever)
w is for wild (as in wild turkey, which is what he's drinking)
x is for x-mas (lame, but I didn't want to cop out and put, like, eXtraordinary!)
y is for youth
z is for zechs (once again, my creativity at work, folks)
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