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Hello all. I'm new and I just joined. I also just saw American History X and fell in love with the film. I really loved it. It was sad and it brought out deeper feelings in me than I'd imagined. I could not believe such a great film could be produced. Thank God for an actor like Edward Norton!
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I just joined :) I saw AHX 2 weeks ago and the movie was really great! My Name is Caroline, 17 years from Germany and I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the community.

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so, I am new and wanted to introduce myself: my name is aileen, I am sixteen years old and, yeah, as you may guess, i like the film american history x.

my journey to this film began in my chemistry-lessons, with the nice but boring mrs. beier, so my neighbor and me talked about actors and found out, that we both like brad pitt. so, we made such a video-evening and that was the fist time i saw fight club. i really adore that film, and we both liked edward norton as the narrator, so we made a video-evening with edward norton and we watched amhix (the short form of american history x)and we totally liked that movie, it has not only a great message, it is a piece of art.

last month I bought the dvd and it has the unbelievable amount of 9-minutes extra-material. not even a trailer or something! but a few deleted scenes, what I really liked.

i hope i did not write too much^^
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Hey, I'm new and I love this movie.  It has such a powerful message that would not have gotten through if there was a happy ending to it.
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Closer to Victory

New here :D

Definitely one of my favorite movies, and I love Edward Norton ^_^ My awesome friend has been letting me borrow the dvd, so I've gotten to watch it a number of times and even shown a friend, who also loves it. Yep! It even gave me one of those strong emotional feeling things at the when you get a new perspective on things or something. But yeah, amazing movie!
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i read somewhere that in the special edition dvd, in the shower sean, derek is telling the guy to f him harder and he was a nazi to cover up his homosexuality.

can anyone confirm/deny this?