I have some original Westlife cds for trade:

-Coast To Coast
-World Of Our Own

In return, I'm looking for any of these original cds (or just tell me what you're trading!):

-Eamon: Love & Pain
-Enigma: Love, Sensuality, Devotion: The Greatest Hits
-Kurt Nilson: She's So High (single)
-Linkin Park: Minutes To Midnight
-Silverchair: Reflections Of A Sound (single)
-Sum 41: In Too Deep (single)
J mac


Hello everyone, I'm a new Westlife fan! I know, I know, where have I been?! But, yes, I've caught up pretty quickly by getting albums old and new. Shane's my fav :) I'm going to see them in Newcastle in April and I'm really excited. I've seen some of their shows on tv and they look really cool and exciting! just wondering if anyone here has been and what it was like. Hehe!

Ok, thanks guys! xx

Westlife pics from Ronan's Emeralds & Ivy Ball

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Nicky & Georgina


Mark & Kevin



Kian & Jodi




Shane & Gillian




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