Come on babe, we're gonna brush the sky!

...and all that jazz

All that jazz
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Welcome to _allthat_jazz.

This community is for those who love the spice of life. If you write, draw, act, sing, dance, speak out, anything! then you are welcome in this community.
You can submit poetry, stories, or your general opinion.
Speak! Because life is too short to stay quiet.

As always, rules....simple though

1. You must be at least 13 years of age. Easy.
2. If you post slash, which is welcome, then please put it behind a cut tag.
3. If you are mean to someone about their post then you will be banned. Have class.
4. No smallmindedness allowed.
5. Be sure to ask me the mod before you post an advertisement.
See simple!

Contact me for anything else.

Also, have a look at our sister community wicked_girls--They're wicked, can you handle them?