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Hio! I just wanted to say hello, because Jazz is the highlight of life.

Psha yeah it is.

mm enjoying the Jazz choir at school, as well as any other awesome music/musicals and just awesome stuff that's out there!

Thanks so much for creating the best community ever.
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I shall call him Diello!

I'm new... love me.

Hey thar,

Well, I just joined. I'm Caits; I'm 18; I'm Canadian. I've never seen the movie version of Chicago, but I recently got to see the musical live, which was of course amazing.

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and say hi.

So: hi!
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Yes, I'm pimping.

So sue me.

My friend runs a Roxie/Velma community, and we know there are a lot of fans of this pairing out there, but unfortunately, we've not got a lot of members.
In this community, you can post fic, icons, go on about how much Roxie and Velma want eachother...basically anything to do with the pairing.
Click on the button below to access the community, and [hopefully] join:

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Hello all

Hey. I'm Emi, and like many,many others I love the movie Chicago. I've been taking hip hop dance classes for three years, but this year I'm going to be taking tap and jazz instead. So I'm just saying hi. I really don't have much to say though... I know I'm only going into highschool, but I'd really like to go to a college and study to be a dance instructor. I also have an okay voice. It's not great, but it landed a solo in our eigth grade "Musical". It was basically a whole bunch of songs that we sung in a row. I had to sing "Up Where We Belong" from "An Officer and a Gentleman", which Richard Gere was in! Hah... kind of ironic eh? Well, I'm just introducing myself...
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c'est moi!

my name's sarette and i'm fifteen years old. i'm looking to join new communities and this one seemed like a good choice for several reasons... first of all, it's not a rating community (i'm getting kinda tired of those) and i love chicago, of course. i think catherine zeta jones is amazing and i have a lot of respect for her. i'm an actress... and i love working on stage crew as well, either one is fine for me. basically anything to do with the stage is fine. last year, i was basically only doing stage crew and i didn't try out for more than one show, but this year i plan to get more involved with being on stage. when i grow up, i want to be a director, either for film or stage... doesn't matter as long as i'm doing what i love. i also sing and i love it to death. my chorus teacher is so nice... she's so good to her students so i'm actually looking forward to getting back to school already just because i love her class. i also had a drama class last year, but my school no longer offers that as a class, but instead it's an after-school activity... so i guess i'll be doing that from now on. i'm actually thought of as a quiet kind of person to most people, but that's just because they don't know me. because when i'm with my friends i can just be myself and we love doing a bunch of random awesome things. you have NO IDEA how random we are!! the one thing i don't do is dancing, just because i'm completely uncapable of doing anything cool with my feet. i'm actually a pretty big klutz when it comes to that! so yeah, that's me and if you want to add me as a friend, then feel free and i'll add you back.



HI my name is Sarah and I've been dancing for 7 years. I take senior jazz,senior tap,senior ballet,senior hip-hop, and the senior competition team! I'm not the best but I guess it's something to be in the highest class. This year I tried out for the Show Choir-its where u sing and dance at the same time. I made it!. I was really excited but when I looked over the schedule for Show Choir and for dance they were really hectic and during the same days and I realized I couldn't do both. I decided to go w/ Show Choir b/c i really didnt like the environment at my dance studio anymore, even though i LOVE to dance. i knew that Show Choir would be a good experience and i could get some scholarships for it. I was excited until our recital a couple weeks ago. I knew it would be my last recital and i was bawling. I was called up to the front of the stage as one of the seniors who would not be returning. Starr(my dance instructer) gave me roses and a plague to say goodbye. I was bawling so bad after that. But know that the dance year is over I feel relaxed and I found myself wanting to leap down the hallway. lol. It was so funny. I dance around my house all the time, not matter if there is music or not. I'll be 16 in Sept. and I'm a sophmore at Pell City High School. I just joined this community because i LOVE Chigaco and I thought this place seemed cool. So i'll post wheneve i need help or have an update on my dancing! lates babes.

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My Head is full of ideas for the dances I want to choreograph:

So the first dance I want to choreograph is Dave Matthews band "The Christmas Song". I've given it alot of though-when my old dance company did it it turned out so beautiful. I have the video from that reicxtal so I've been mixing some of their moves and some of my own. Plus, I'd have to cut the song because its like 5 minutes long and we're only allowed to have our songs be 3:20 minutes. But, i figured we could wear long red chiffon skirts, some of us already have them from another dance, and the ones who need them would be able to buy them online at a number of places. I already have the very begiinning done with just one, or two people entering w/ each verse.

The other dance I want to choreograph is "Like a Virgin" that has Madonna's "Hollywood" and Missy Elliot in it. I figured I could make three groups: one group of 'brides' that start out the dance and wear a variety of things:pearl nechalaces, white fishnets, lace gloves. . .everyone's costume should be a little different. Then, with "Hollywood" I could have the 'grooms' come out wearing black pants, white shirts and top hats and do some jazz dancing. Lastly, the hip hop dancers could come out wearing black Adidas pants w/ white stripes down the side, baggy white button down shirts, and backward black hats. I have some of the hip hop dance done too, I think the trickiest part will be the 'Hollywood' song. . .

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me?