Leslie! (lezzles231) wrote in _allthat_jazz,

hey im new! I'm in 9th grade, and I'm starting my 9th year of dance. I've taken clogging for 9 years, jazz and tap for 7 years, and ballet, acrobatics, and hip hop for 4 years. I took street tap for 3 years and this year im starting leaps and turns, and jazz tech classes. I go for 4 hours on mondays, 4 hours on wednesdays, 2 and a half hours on fridays, about 6 hours on saturdays, and 3 hours on sundays. My clogging group is performing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Throughout my dancing life, I've always been better at footwork (clogging and tap) but I've never really been flexible or a good turner, so I suffer in my other categories. I'm in all advanced classes, but does anyone have any ideas besides practice to improve my flexibility and turns?
if i want to be a professional dancer, i know that i'll have to be well rounded.

<3 leslie

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