Erin (shamrockgirl18) wrote in _allthat_jazz,

My Head is full of ideas for the dances I want to choreograph:

So the first dance I want to choreograph is Dave Matthews band "The Christmas Song". I've given it alot of though-when my old dance company did it it turned out so beautiful. I have the video from that reicxtal so I've been mixing some of their moves and some of my own. Plus, I'd have to cut the song because its like 5 minutes long and we're only allowed to have our songs be 3:20 minutes. But, i figured we could wear long red chiffon skirts, some of us already have them from another dance, and the ones who need them would be able to buy them online at a number of places. I already have the very begiinning done with just one, or two people entering w/ each verse.

The other dance I want to choreograph is "Like a Virgin" that has Madonna's "Hollywood" and Missy Elliot in it. I figured I could make three groups: one group of 'brides' that start out the dance and wear a variety of things:pearl nechalaces, white fishnets, lace gloves. . .everyone's costume should be a little different. Then, with "Hollywood" I could have the 'grooms' come out wearing black pants, white shirts and top hats and do some jazz dancing. Lastly, the hip hop dancers could come out wearing black Adidas pants w/ white stripes down the side, baggy white button down shirts, and backward black hats. I have some of the hip hop dance done too, I think the trickiest part will be the 'Hollywood' song. . .

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me?
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