June 24th, 2005


HI my name is Sarah and I've been dancing for 7 years. I take senior jazz,senior tap,senior ballet,senior hip-hop, and the senior competition team! I'm not the best but I guess it's something to be in the highest class. This year I tried out for the Show Choir-its where u sing and dance at the same time. I made it!. I was really excited but when I looked over the schedule for Show Choir and for dance they were really hectic and during the same days and I realized I couldn't do both. I decided to go w/ Show Choir b/c i really didnt like the environment at my dance studio anymore, even though i LOVE to dance. i knew that Show Choir would be a good experience and i could get some scholarships for it. I was excited until our recital a couple weeks ago. I knew it would be my last recital and i was bawling. I was called up to the front of the stage as one of the seniors who would not be returning. Starr(my dance instructer) gave me roses and a plague to say goodbye. I was bawling so bad after that. But know that the dance year is over I feel relaxed and I found myself wanting to leap down the hallway. lol. It was so funny. I dance around my house all the time, not matter if there is music or not. I'll be 16 in Sept. and I'm a sophmore at Pell City High School. I just joined this community because i LOVE Chigaco and I thought this place seemed cool. So i'll post wheneve i need help or have an update on my dancing! lates babes.