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Hi, I've made some chicago and other icons so please take a look!
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hey!! im new to this a dancer and have been for three years i know that doesnt seem that much but its my passion....i do jazz and lyrical and hip-hop and musical theater.... im not asking you to like just respect me....plz dont give me any crap, im sick of people giving me crap.............................thanx :)

I need smbd's help

Hello! I'm studing in Moscow Conservatoria and I'm plaing harp. I'm going to my english exam on wednesday, but I have some problems...I don't know what to say about one theme... MY FAVOURITE COMPOSITION. Wright some sentence for me.If it's not hard to my post.

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hey im new! I'm in 9th grade, and I'm starting my 9th year of dance. I've taken clogging for 9 years, jazz and tap for 7 years, and ballet, acrobatics, and hip hop for 4 years. I took street tap for 3 years and this year im starting leaps and turns, and jazz tech classes. I go for 4 hours on mondays, 4 hours on wednesdays, 2 and a half hours on fridays, about 6 hours on saturdays, and 3 hours on sundays. My clogging group is performing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Throughout my dancing life, I've always been better at footwork (clogging and tap) but I've never really been flexible or a good turner, so I suffer in my other categories. I'm in all advanced classes, but does anyone have any ideas besides practice to improve my flexibility and turns?
if i want to be a professional dancer, i know that i'll have to be well rounded.

<3 leslie
heart &lt;3


Hi, my name is Jessica, I'm 15 and have been dancing for 11 years, dance has been prettty much my life for the past 4 or 5 years (I'm at the studio for about 11 hours a week) and i really want to make it a career. I know it'll take alot to get that to happen, I live in Regina, saskatchewan (canada) and theres not much here for artistic abilities. I would love it if i could get a few pointers on starting out in the professional dance area. Thanks!

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hey, i'm new.
my name is Kayla.
I'm 19 years old, and I reside in Eastern, Kentucky.
I'm not a professional dancer or anything but I do choreograph a few dance routines for some local girls who are 1st-2nd grade, nothing technical just limited movement.

i really need a good JAZZ song
the coach specified that she wanted a good jazzy type song and i am having some serious trouble finding one, any help would be appreciated.

thanks a bunch.



hey everyone!
i just found this community, and it looks like a great place!

my name's emma and i've been dancing since i was 4 (so for 16 years) training in bllet, modern and jazz. i love to dance, and i love jazz and everything fosse! i went to london last summer and saw chicago... twice! :) after leaving the theatre the first night i realized that was what i need to be doing for a living!!! it's my dream :)
i also love the movie!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey everyone. I'm Michelle... just introducing myself and admiring this community :] I'm fifteen years old and I have been dancing for six years, i take jazz, tap, hiphop, ballet, and pointe :] i love dance with a passion and love talking to anyone else in dance.